code of conduct.

We exist to start and expand the conversation around ethical marketing, and we know that conversations on the internet can bring up sensitive subject matters. To safeguard a harassment-free experience for everyone, here is our code of conduct for conversations taking place across the ethical move platforms.

We all stand to gain when…

  • …you contribute boldly and generously to the conversation. Go ahead and ask questions, challenge assumptions, tell us your point of view (we’d love to hear it, even when it differs from our own).
  • …if you disagree with something, be critical of the idea, not of the person giving it. Personal attacks are never okay.

  • …you share your experiences — we welcome people from different communities, backgrounds, industries and experiences to enrich our shared knowledge.

We reserve the right to remove from any/all of our platforms:

  • Any kind of hate speech, violence, threats of violence or intolerance across any of our platforms including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender, age, body size, or physical or mental ability.

  • Any comments we deem offensive, bigoted or antagonistic.

Learn about our anti-racist commitment:

If you feel unsafe at any time, please let us know and we will do something about it ASAP.