how we sell matters.

our stand.

We believe the way we sell can change the world.

How we sell has us trapped in consumerism, creating a cycle that is uninspired, unethical, and harmful to the planet and its inhabitants.

Our global economy only benefits a small part of the world, and an even smaller fraction within that. We are facing a growing wealth gap, exploitation, displacement, fear, incredible amounts of waste, climate change, ...all we need to do is follow the money to find the source of it.

And, we have an incredible opportunity. 

Small businesses are the largest growing sector of our global economy - we are even called the 'New Economy'. We have no need to continue with the same methods used to generate demand. We can create anything. This is our chance to break the rules, to change the status quo, to make the ethical choice for the good of all - not just a select few.

The ethical move is setting out to shed light on marketing tactics, and to start a conversation on how we can - and should - sell ethically so as to break the cycle of consumerism.

We are a new and evolving movement, learning as we go, in collaboration with you. Please connect if you have feedback to improve our approach!


where we're at

  • Gathering allies for the movement, building awareness.
  • Conversation with B-Corp, Fair Trade & other ethical standards.
  • Creating a publication on Medium with incredible contributors to start dissecting the giant grey zone that is manipulation in marketing.
  • Building a free online community through Mighty Networks to open the conversation to everyone.


where we're headed

  • Adding a podcast & Twitter account to the conversation.
  • Creating an Ethical Marketing Standard by 2019 based on our pledges.
  • Collaboration with ISEAL / studying their Codes of Good Practice.
  • Become part of the B-Corp assessment reel once the standard is fleshed out.

...and of course breaking consumerism + eliminating the wealth gap.




who we are.



Alice Karolina Smith, founder of the ethical move.

At 18 I was confronted with inequality in the most literal sense. I lived in a rich, gated community in La Paz (Bolivia) - separated from the slum a few hundred meters down the road by a piece of wood and an armed guard. Almost every night, people would die from mudslides because the houses of the rich were crammed onto the hill above.

Returning from Bolivia, my life was never the same. After a decade and a half of research into all possible avenues of relief work, I conceded that 'relief' would not come from a fix: a new well, a new school or a new community centre in an impoverished nation.

The only thing to do to create lasting change, is to look for the source of the inequality and break the system that creates the need for relief.

Unsurprisingly, the source is us - and our insatiable hunger for more. Try as we might to fight the urge ...we were born addicted. Raised to want. Because being satisfied with what is right in front of us doesn't generate profit.

And greener pastures are so easy to conjure. A dash of envy and a bit of urgency and voilà: a willing subject ready to eat out of our hands. If we listen to the chatter online; the better we are at hacking the minds of your people, the better we are at doing business.

But we lose sight of what is infinitely more important than profit: integrity, trust, creativity, community, our health, and the health of others. We forget that there is fallout to our insatiability - and we desperately need to remember for us to truly build an equal society.

I created the ethical move because I truly believe we can break consumerism. Even if not in my lifetime.



Hannah Shamji

I'm a nearly-qualified psychotherapist with a separate online business that I run with my husband. Reconciling these two worlds - of client-centered therapy and manipulative online marketing - has been an ongoing feat. On the one hand, the effectiveness of manipulative marketing is clear, and often attractive. On the other, my training as a psychotherapist has punched up my need to be transparent, ethical and clean in how I show up online.

To manipulate is to control.

To control is to imply - albeit in a subtle way - that I am unworthy. That I cannot inspire or motivate another to want to work with me or to buy from me without forcing their hand. And that is a claim I am no longer willing to make.

I am part of the ethical move because I know, and deeply believe, that my client or a buyer's choice is only real (and true) when it is their own. My name on this page is me sticking up for that right - for conscious choice.



Katie Emslie

Coming Soon



Melissa Lamoureux

Like so many others who have a dream to make an impact in the world, I have been on the receiving end of manipulative marketing tactics that have left me with a pit in my stomach, feeling anxiety for not 'buying now', or like a loser for not fitting the mould of ‘success’ that was fed to me through picture-perfect-posturing lifestyles.

Like so many others who see their craft as a means of uplifting others and serving our global community, I have been on the giving end of the mainstay methods of traditional marketing, where I felt the only way to succeed in business was to manipulate, control, and coerce others into buying decisions.

I am part of the ethical move because I will no longer stand for being manipulated into buying decisions as the norm.

I am a part of the ethical move because as a business owner, I no longer want to participate in traditional marketing practices that encourage trading my integrity, honesty and transparency for a sale. I am part of the ethical move because I truly believe it’s time for a collective change.


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