Holly Christie | This Demanding Life

I am making the pledge because I believe people should be marketed and sold to fairly. That it’s not ok to overpromise and under deliver and it’s not ok to market in a way which makes people feel they’re missing out because they can’t afford it.

I believe there’s a market for everyone and advertising should be fair, honest and with integrity.

Anika Samples | Incandescent Creative

I worked in traditional marketing for 10 years and after undergoing a spiritual awakening, I became more conscious of the state of my nervous system and how easily it can become dysregulated from the constant barrage of urgent language and insincere “offers” of standard marketing tactics. I realized that these practices take advantage of this subtle dysregulation to sell, and could no longer support these dishonest methods.

Desiree Bhullar | Naked Digital

My entire business is based on being authentic, transparent, honest and ethical, hence the name Naked. Working exclusively with small businesses, it’s frustrating to see them being bamboozled into contracts or paying for services not essential to them. I am taking the pledge to establish myself as a positive influence in the world of ethical marketing.

Naiʻa Lewis | Salted Logic, Naia Lewis, and iMahina

As a mother, creator, healer, and artist I want to see my actions make substantive changes in the cultural and socio-economic landscape within a generation. As an Indigenous woman business owner, I am committed to increasing the health and resilience of my community through my work.

Laura Doherty | Laura Doherty Ceremonies

I am making the ethical move as I genuinely believe in a people-first approach to business. I believe in communicating and educating people inclusively, truthfully and clearly so that they can make informed choices. Because as a death doula and celebrant, I work with people at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives, and the way I work is so incredibly aligned with this pledge.

Dana Samuel | Dana Samuel / Poire+Linden

With the proliferation of so many online business and so many offers, I’ve seen friends get sucked in by unethical marketing tactics. As I set up my own business, I’d like to set myself apart with a focus on ethics. In addition, by joining other ground (like RGD Canada), it further emphasizes the importance of ethics in business as well as marketing…. It feels right!

Amy Pedid | The Sage Mages – Inclusive Branding

I have seen first-hand the successful impact of inclusive and ethical design. It’s principles have given me, my team and my client’s tools to easily share purposful ideas and products.

Amelia Chubb | Koha Marketing

I pledge to continue championing marketing as a force for good, and a force for our oceans – raising the profile of much needed ocean conservation.

Nick Wilmot | Graphnic Media Ltd.

We are making the ethical pledge because we believe in a vision of a fairer and more equitable world. We strongly believe our clients should choose to work with us because we can help them further their cause, rather than because of our sales techniques.