Lisa DiMatteo

Oct 28, 2021

Both for me and every human. As a coach who explores relationship with money with my clients I so often see beliefs around scarcity AND “not enoughness” in Self that are the underpinnings of self-sabotaging behavior. The trend in selling/marketing services these days exploits these beliefs. It’s the equivalent of preying on the unconscious parts of us and is sneaky and manipulative. What if we sold our services and shared our gifts with an abundant mindset? What if we behaved as if there are plenty of customers to go around? That those meant for our work will find us? And trust we do not need to set out a trap to catch them? When you think about it, the trendy/ unethical selling techniques of the moment (some using scarcity mindset) are offered from a scarce place, exploring the scarcity of other. Let that sink in. That which we resist about ourselves we exploit in other. I’m not for that! What if we took the scarcity lens off and put on an abundant pair? What’s possible here?