Andy Barker

I have worked in branding, marketing and design for well over 30 years. I have witnessed unethical practices from some clients in the past and abhor the disregard for people, animals and planet for the sake of profit. Therefore I have taken a stand. I set up my business to help people on an ethical journey develop their values and brand story because I believe that ethical is the future of business.

Lesley Walsh

I am making this pledge because i don’t want that icky feeling when i sell stuff.

Christen Gilchrist

As a coach I see lots of other coaches say that they are ‘selling big’ ’10k months’ ‘fully booked with clients’ and I’ve been tricked into feeling like I need to market like them to be successful. It just doesn’t sit right with me, I don’t want to create false scarcity and lie about what I’m doing in a day so people think I’m successful. I actually want to be successful in a way that is authentic and honest with my clients.

Sarah Jordan

We’re making the ethical move because we’re tired of brands using sustainability for marketing just because it’s trendy! We work to provide a representative view in our images, and we don’t airbrush or edit. We’re feminists and make sure there is no exploitation of anyone in our supply chain.

Nic Knott

There is a better way to support and build each other up!

Nicola Knott

I am exhausted from being sold to constantly and want to be a part of the solution… I am seeing a worrying trend of a small group of high profile online marketers affiliating for each other left, right and centre with ethics and integrity seemingly thrown out of the window in favour of higher and higher profits. There is a better way, and I’m excited to be a part of this movement!

Lauren Ridgway

I have always felt alone in the world of marketing, answering the question of “what job do you do?” with “I’m a marketer – an ethical one, the good kind!”, followed by an almost-apology/explanation about the state of marketing and how I’m different. By joining the ethical move, people will have a credible reference point for seeing how and why we commit to communicating with people in a better way. Marketing was hi-jacked temporarily by poor methods and dubious morals but that’s all about to change for the better and in a permanent way. Marketing is there to connect people, in an honest and transparent way, with products, services and events that were quite literally made for them; there’s no need for trickery when you’re sharing an honest message with the right people.

Rachel Mills

As a start-up founder, I am not an experienced marketer. This year I have been studying marketing and have found the tactics don’t align with my own values. The ethical move gives me hope that I can market my products without feeling sleazy. I finally have clarity on how I can reach customers in a meaningful and non-pushy way. Let’s make conscious consumption and ethical marketing the norm!

Danielle Wilson

I am making the ethical move because it sits with my core values. I don’t like dishonesty and I feel many marketing tactics are dishonest even if not in a very obvious way.

Stephanie Rault

I am pledging to the ethical move because I want to make my engagement towards ethical marketing as transparent as possible, and I want to share knowledge to people about how ethical marketing can exist.