Ella Schnur | Ella Schnur ART

I am joining the Ethical Move because I believe that there is no need to employ unfair marketing strategies rooted in the perception of scarcity and separation to achieve success. Instead, I recognize that true success stems from abundance, unity, and love. Embodying authenticity naturally attracts clients who find value and satisfaction in the products or services. In aligning my business practices with ethical principles, I aim to contribute positively to the world, fostering trust and cooperation among my clients and collaborators to create a more compassionate and prosperous environment.

Miriam Fine | Miriam Fine Coaching

I am making the ethical move because I want my coaching practice to be one that supports people in a transparent and honest way, and I am tired of the noise of capitalist/exploitative mentality seeping into a world that is so much better when it’s collaborative and open.

Lindsay Clark | Spirit Song

I feel it’s important to move away from fear-based marketing and move into a place of genuine service and heart-centered business practices, that value people over clients.

Jen Cui | Jen Cui Coaching

I’m making the ethical move because I’m sick and tired of feeling like I need to speak to a simple-minded person who just has a “problem” and needs a “solution”- I see my audience as complex, multifaceted, capable, and intelligent humans. I want them to know I trust them and that they can trust me to always meet them where they are at, that they will be seen by me, and that I’m committed to building a relationship with them that we both benefit from.

Taji Torrilhon | Resilient Storytelling

I believe that every ethical action we take in our lives and businesses create a ripple effect for our whole culture. Healing, change, action all go from the individual, to the community, to the world. Taking this pledge and talking about it helps remind the people I engage with that being ethical is at the root of what I believe in for myself and my business.

Ashlee Sang | Ashlee Sang Consulting LLC

I believe in the power of business for good. The more business owners who show up in integrity and connect on a human level, the more we’re able to create positive change through our shared economy.

Sunya Orlofske | Sunya Creative

I am making the ethical move because I believe that change is possible and it starts with taking action, educating myself continuously. As someone in the field of marketing, I am committed to working within ethical guidelines, for businesses who are also committed to doing the same.

Christine Howard | E.B. Howard Consulting

I am making the ethical move as a way to demonstrate to our clients that we have their best interests in mind and as a way to set ourselves apart from those in our market space.

Melisa Figueroa | Humano

We want to be part of a movement that is compromised with the future of our planet and society. We believe there’s only one way when it comes about communication, it’s a human-to-human connection and we can’t forget values and respect.