Katie Barber | Charm – Social Media Management

We want to ensure that we aren’t contributing to social media addiction or low self esteem caused by social media. We want to enhance connection, relationships and knowledge.

Rylee Peak | World Class Alliance

We are making the ethical move because we believe that everyone has the right to understand what is being advertised to them and to be treated as human, not a product.

Whitney Delaney | Delaney Consulting Co.

I am making the pledge because I value people, honesty, and transparency. I love how your prompt said it: I am tired of manipulative, relentless, and unethical marketing tactics, and I don’t want to be a part of the problem.

Em Anastasi | Intheflow Ltd

There needs to be more transparency around the environmental impact of traditional period products and we pledge to raise awareness around this while building a catalogue of sustainable alternatives

Haley Berryman | Haley Berryman Copywriting

I never want to dish out high-pressure marketing tactics or solutions that don’t negatively my clients, or the work I produce for them. Everything I do is thoughtful & intentional. I also don’t want to buy into the narrative that all growth is good or more is better.

Anna-Marie Swan | Open Facilitation

As freelancers, one of the reasons we formed a collective
was to mitigate the financial insecurity that comes with being self-employed. When it comes to seeking participants for workshops and courses, and new clients, we know how easy it can be to utilise sales tactics that aren’t transparent or true to support our needs. It’s tempting to use phrases like ‘only a few places left’, ‘times running out’: creating scarcity and stress. We choose not to do this, so that we can embody the world we want to play a role in co-creating, one that centres dignity, kindness, and transparency.

Christopher Naylor | Bnode Ltd

Bnode sees a world where digital strategy and ethical practices are intertwined, utilising the power of business as a force for good for people & the planet. Occupying a unique position in the digital consultancy space, we see the future of digital marketing, inclusivity and sustainability being right now.

Laura Clark | Laura Clark

I am making the ethical move because I value authenticity and integrity, and I see a lot of marketing on social media that feels exploitative and manipulative. I want to put transparency front and centre of what I do and encourage others to do the same.

Amanda Jane | Amanda Jane Coaching

I want to change the status quo and be a leader in the future if marketing, which will DEMAND ethical, honest and transparent communication practices.

Alexandra Fearon | Maybe Later

I am making the ethical move because I believe marketing doesn’t have to be icky and manipulative to work. That when it’s people-first, transparent and about community building, your business or organisation will thrive.

I am also tired of all the online marketing ‘gurus’ perpetuating harmful practices, and selling them as the only way to do business.