Moritz Orendt

I am making the ethical move because too much stuff is sold that does not make anybody happy.

Chelsea Plowman

I’m making the ethical move as a copywriter because I want to be and work with brands that are a force for good in the world. I want to help market products and services (including my own) based on their value, rather than using manipulative tactics that cause more harm than good.

Gaelle Chapon

I am taking the ethical move pledge because we all deserve better than manipulative marketing and sales strategy. I believe in honest and transparent and benevolent relationships. It applies to sales too!

Mathilde Boyer

I am making the ethical move to remind myself and the people around me that “white lies” don’t have to be the norm in marketing. There is an honest, transparent and heart-centered way to do business. By educating myself on this topic, I can adopt ethical practices and contribute to making marketing trustworthy again.

Hanna Steingräber

We want to support ethical marketing in all ways possible. We know our service is great, so there is absolutely no need for manipulation, right? 🙂 Manipulating people into buying things they then regret buying is just sad. We contribute to a world where products and services add real value to the consumer.

Katee Blizzard

I am making the ethical move because I am sick of seeing businesses using fear-based marketing tactics that increase anxiety and encourage people to make emotional buying decisions for things they don’t need.

Raychel McGuin

I’m tired of lies and promises in marketing, I’d much rather see ethical and honest marketing, I pledge to do that myself!

Chris Evans

I want to be part of the movement that I have been part of without realising it. I want clear – transparency for my business and my clients – so that they believe in my services and I believe in what I am selling.

Sarah-Jane Heath

I am making the ethical move because I’m tired of seeing the same old tricks (and they are tricks) from too many people online. The same ones who stress how they approach everything with integrity. It’s important to me to demonstrate my own integrity and beliefs by not using tactics for my own benefit where my services aim to be for the benefit of my buyers.

Alexis Bushnell

I’m making the ethical move to publicly live in accordance with my own values; showing that I practice what I preach and stand against manipulative, exploitative marketing tactics.