your moves.

2. Join our team

We’re always looking for business owners who feel deeply passionate about ethical marketing to join the ethical move team in their area of expertise.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) is at the core of everything we do, so we are focusing on people who are under-represented and have intersectional identities to expand an already rich mixture of perspectives.

We are hiring!

Specific roles we are looking to fill in the coming weeks:

  • Social media management: Planning + execution (Instagram mainly)
  • Back end support: Admin tasks, project management (Notion, ConvertKit + WordPress)
  • Graphic design: Brand visuals, social + long form content graphics (Illustrator, Canva)
  • Community management (2022)

If you’re keen to be on our team, there are a few requirements:

You have to have your own business, a strong stance on JEDI/Liberation, and an abundance of initiative and drive to grow the movement through your role. Logistically, you have to be available for monthly Culture Meetings on Zoom (6:30am PST, 2:30pm BST, 3:30pm CEST, 9:30pm SGT – video not required), able to be active on Slack, and willing to use/learn Notion.

Though a strong stance for ethical marketing has contributed to our own businesses thriving, we are all volunteers at the moment. We are working hard on being able to pay our beautiful team in the near future!

3. Write for our Medium publication

We are looking for writers to add their voice to the conversation! We want to uncover and discuss the ways manipulation shows up in marketing. The tone is disruptive – clear facts & bold moves. We are not looking to discuss why we need ethics in marketing. Our conversation starts with psychological manipulation being unethical.

We are challenging the line between a good piece of advertising, straight forward messaging, and psychological tactics. We’d rather cross the line than not take a stand.

4. Help us talk about the movement

Giving us the space to talk about ethical marketing is the best way to grow our movement. Whether it be on your podcast, joining you on Lives, or any other channel that you use.

Please know that we have our hands full writing for our own platforms; as much as we love writing guest blog posts, we have to take your reach/audience into account so we don’t overwhelm ourselves with content creation.

5. Share the movement with your people

We are infinitely grateful for mentions, shares, spreading this net as wide as possible.

6. Connect us to our peers

Anyone speaking about ethics in marketing – or ethics in general. Bring us the far reaches of the internet!

7. Send us your opinions / thoughts / feedback / acknowledgment / thumbs up

Make us feel like we are not alone in a vacuum.