how we sell matters.

your moves.


1. Take the pledge for round numbers.


2. Join our team

What we need help with in the foreseeable future is a Twitter pro, a person who understands Patreon, someone willing to work on collecting pledges + entering them in our website, people that are willing to call other people up and ask them to join!

The next step will be creating the standard itself, which will consist of working through ISEAL templates, creating metrics for impact assessment/measurement, and generally a LOT of research.

We would be overjoyed to find students willing to take on a research project in the area of manipulation in marketing!


3. Write for our blog / Medium publication

We are looking for writers to add their voice to the conversation! We want to uncover and discuss the ways manipulation shows up in marketing. The tone is neon & disruptive - clear facts & bold moves. We are not looking to coddle the topic, find a middle ground, or discuss why we need ethics in marketing. Our conversation starts with manipulation being unethical. We intend to find the fine line between a good piece of advertising, straight forward messaging, and psychological tactics. We'd rather poke at something and cross the line than not take a stand.


4. Help us talk about the movement

Giving us the space to talk about ethical marketing is the best way to grow our movement.


5. Share the movement with your people

We are infinitely grateful for mentions, shares, spreading this net as wide as possible.


6. Connect us to our peers

Anyone speaking about ethics in marketing - or ethics in general. Bring us the far reaches of the internet!


7. Send us opinions / thoughts / acknowledgment / thumbs up

Make us feel like we are not alone in a vacuum.


Any other thoughts on how to contribute?

Send us a message.

We will be adding a Patreon page for the upkeep of our website, to fund research + participation in ISEAL, and to pay the people that are keeping us moving!