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Kelly Lawson

I want to feel fully aligned with absolutely every aspect of my business, and this includes authenticity and not manipulative sales tactics. I do not want to be lied to, and I do not want to be part of the problem. I want to live wholly by the golden rule, I have been impacted by manipulative marketing tactics, and I have work to do to fix this.

Gerrit Schuster

Enough exploitation. Want that humans are around for some centuries more? Stop screwing them over for digits.

Chloe Quinn

As a graphic designer I'm really aware of how inauthentic a lot of branding and advertising is, and also of how uncomfortable that makes me feel. The Ethical Move makes me feel like I'm not alone in feeling alienated by most marketing "advice".

Carrie Bach

I am making the ethical move because, as someone who helps aspiring future lawyers get into law school, I believe it's important to support clients who appreciate ethical marketing as part of a larger commitment to ethical issues.

Jill Prescott

I am done participating in systemic manipulation based on dominance culture that feeds on fear in order to uphold capitalism and patriarchy. I am committed to learning and unlearning so that I may contribute to the dismantling of all systems of oppression.

Trudie Thorp

My marketing business is based on being conscious and ethical. I wanted to take the Ethical Move pledge as a part of the values within my business, to help add structure and guidance to the ethics to which I operate and as long-lasting principles that I am committed to. This pledge I am making articulates that message, and shows how I use transparent, honest and genuine strategies and plans so that my ethical clients can be assured that we hold the same values.

Débora Brandão

I have been trying to expand information on inclusive communication and digital accessibility, so that marketers create content that serves more audiences, among people with disabilities. I am neuroatypical: autistic and ADHD. I do not agree with the demands of productivity, creation and large loads that are placed on professionals, creating a toxic environment for content creators and consumers.

Matilda Eggert

I am making the ethical move because nobody buys the 'salesy' pitch anymore. Why? Because people want to dive into the heart of what matters. If we're the lucky few with money to spend, let's spend it on brands that make a world of good. If we're lucky enough to market those brands, let's get to the point and tell those beautiful world-changing stories.

Asia Endicott

I am making the ethical move because I want to know that my business is growing based on an alignment of values rather than pressure and manipulation. I don’t want to build my success on deceptive get-rich-quick promises or by taking advantage of inadequacies, insecurities, or other negative approaches to marketing.

Ewa Laursen

I'm determined to keep empathy and honesty at the heart of how I make a living.

Christina Clark

I am making the pledge as my business promotes products and services, I don't want to be a part of the problem.

Becky Lloyd Pack

As a growing business, I am taking responsibility for my part in changing the way that we sell products and services not only through my own marketing, but in also teaching a more ethical approach to those I serve.

Cardinal Marking

We are pledging to make the ethical move because we have seen the mistakes of those who came before us and do not wish to repeat them. We despise what it feels like to be pushed around, manipulated into hating ourselves, and deceived. So we pledge to do our very best to avoid ever making others feel that way. We believe in the power of ethical marketing. There are real problems with real solutions out there, and a real need to find each other. No "bro-marketing" tactics necessary! The people crave kindness and authenticity, and they deserve to have that from marketers and businesses alike.

Giorgia Moras

The ethical move reflected the exact feeling I had to be comfortable in doing marketing again. I am very tired of receiving tons of manipulative ways to letting me purchase bad quality products. I am convinced that with transparency, respect and fair communication, we can really make a difference. This is how I am willing to promote my services right now. Using the values I embrace in my work and in my life also to do marketing for myself. There is a huge need to share awareness against all the brainwashing marketing we have been used to live.

Jasmin Harrison

I am making the ethical move! I'm a copywriter with a background in social work who believes strongly in people's right to choice, to be respected in all communication, and to make decisions based on fair, honest information and in their own time. I am committed to being part of the movement towards ethical marketing practices.

Suzi Banks Baum

What I sell is tangible experiences, sometimes through online learning, but mostly in-person. I notice when I fall into the trap of "marketing-ese" I move away from the language that I use when creating content and teaching. I want to bring the ethics that guide my teaching more into the present with my marketing. Thank you for helping me learn more of how this can happen.

Hope Nothhelfer

I believe people should both have and be presented with choice. Their consent should be taken into account and should not be coerced or manipulated to change their minds. People's right to make a decision should be respected. This is what empowers people rather than taking away people's power for financial gain.

Geraldine Taylor

I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Stephanie Rault

I have often been annoyed at shady marketing practices. And try when I can to educate others. This badge and your initiative is a great way to bring more awareness to these practices, but especially to alternatives to them.

Simone Michiels

I am taking this pledge because I believe in serving people. I believe in serving people over benefits. I pledge to be honest and act with integrity in my business. I don't want to sell to people in the same way I hate being sold to. It doesn't feel right because it doesn't align to my personal and business values.

Katrin Kircheis

I hate selling to people in a way that 'targets' or baits them. I want to provide a valuable service to people that are really interested in what I'm doing.

Jenn Page

I want to build a business from the ground up to disrupt oppressive systems – part of that is changing business practices to be more ethical, including how products and services are marketed. I want our business to model solutions and to help others find the ways that resonate with them (their passions and ways of being) to create systems change through their own sphere(s) of influence.

Annette Earl

I am making the ethical move because I am asking people to trust me in having sensitive and delicate conversations. How can I ask them to place their trust in me unless I show up and demonstrate that I am worthy of this trust by communicating in a clear, honest, open and transparent way?

Bianca Stevens

I believe in a person choosing products not false countdowns and stress being indicators that they should buy.

Kenna McCall

I am well aware of the unethical gemstone and jewelry-making industry. I have always ensured that I source my stones and metals from people I know and trust to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that respects human, labor and land rights and acceptable health and safety standards.

Melissa Ghisi

I am making the pledge because I believe that an ethical way of selling and marketing for brands is not only possible but it is the only way to make a change.

Rachael Shaw

I have been following the Ethical Move for a while and have been striving to work in alignment with the Pledges and guiding my clients by these ways of working, however, I was nervous that I was not doing things exactly right. After trading for 6 months I feel I can confidently say I am working in alignment with the pledge now and I want to be able to share with more people and have more open conversations about why I took this and how this can also guide them into doing business better.

Yuki Solle

I am making the ethical move because I have seen how marketing can manipulate. I pledge to be honest and act with integrity in my business dealings. Lots of marketing tactics are used that are plain unethical and I prefer not to be part of this marketing problem. Long live great, sincere & honest marketing!

Jennifer Fink

The mainstream practices of marketing have never felt quite right to me, but I feel that the messages are so ingrained on "here's what you have to do or else your marketing will fail." I was really excited to learn about The Ethical Move. I feel so much better now that I've made the shift. I want to be honest and transparent with all of my potential customers, just as I'd want other businesses to do the same for me.

Brookelyn Rambadt

I am just starting out, but I only want people to buy my online courses if it’s the right fit for them. I want to create something of value that will truly help people. I’m not here to trick anyone into buying something they don’t really want or need.

Jennifer Falandys

As an advocate for trauma-informed care and ethics in practice, I am pledging to the ethical move. I am tired of people being taken advantage of and under-delivered to. I have personally experienced this, and I am actively working to restore integrity and trust. We need to do better because people deserve better.

Andrea York

I love marketing and have made a career within the industry but the more I “learn” from the experts, the more I am disgusted. I already practice everything as part of my business and advise my clients to do the same. I would love to officially make a pledge as I want to draw attention on the harmful marketing tactics used so widely and be part of the movement to bring integrity back to an industry that is intended to be win/win for everyone.

Heidi Lang

Because we promote an ethical low waste lifestyle aimed at educating people in their consumer choices and we want to ensure we don’t sell people stuff they don’t need!

Jessica Kuehn

I am making the ethical pledge because I don’t want to be part of marketing manipulation, and I want my clients and viewers to know I’m being truthful and honest and open without holding anything back in hopes of making sales. I hate that type of marketing, and I want to take a bigger stand against it.

Aimee Coates

I am making the ethical pledge because I read that 'marketing is MANIFESTING'. And I like that – there's an ethical way to market for good.

Lucy Ellwood

I am making the ethical move because I believe in helping people first and foremost. I've never personally liked being sold to and believe marketing should be more about raising awareness.

Sarah Harding

I am making the ethical move because I care deeply about how what I do effects the people and environment around me. This especially includes every bit of advice I give brands about their marketing practices.

Doris Fullgrabe

I am making the ethical move because it feels more aligned with my values to offer and sell from love than from fake scarcity or threats.

Pam Danyluk

I love what this organization stands for. I consciously want to be part of a group of business owners who stand for honest and transparent marketing practices. I believe in giving my customers the value I promised, and this is the kind of community I think the business world really needs.

Miriam Fine

I want to use my business collectively with others to create change in the frame of what we accept as normal practice.

Ana Isabel

As someone who provides marketing consulting and mentorship services for small businesses, I believe I have the responsibility to show my clients what ethical marketing can look like.

Cassy Amelia

I am a new business, but I am committed to selling and marketing my services with honesty and transparency from the get-go. I also vow NEVER to put red circles and arrows around my buttons 😉

Margaret and Bradley Subers

We want to be a part of the pledge because this is why we went into the business of auto repair. Besides our love of fixing things right! We want to bring the auto repair industry into the light. Everything in 'The Pledge' is what we already are doing! Climb aboard everyone! Let's do this!

Nathan Shearman

In the training industry these underhand tactics are often used, and it's time we did something different. I've already committed and made the pledge for my counselling practice, now I plan to do the same with my new business. If I can build the principles of the ethical move into the foundation of a new company at it's conception, it informs and shapes the direction a company grows, how it presents itself to the world and how it makes a better consumer market for all.

Tanya Quintieri

Almost 20 years into the game, I've always felt that honesty and ethical motives were the main drivers for my success. My clients value the fact that I do not try to lure them into spending more money with me than necessary for their purposes. I strive to find the best solutions to their problems and don't dwell on strategies to make myself richer. In turn, I've found that this honest, ethical approach has helped me grow my business to something that makes my clients happy while at the same time it fulfils me and has allowed me to lead a good life. I am all for transparency, honesty and keeping all parties' best interests in mind.

Jennifer Wood

I am making the ethical move because I want my business to be a reflection of me...transparent, candid and with a true desire to help my fellow woman.

Sarah Thonnet

I am in favor of ethical marketing methods. I don't sell online products, but I don't like being sold to in a manipulative way.

Frances Khalastchi

I am making the ethical move because I am inspired – by you and others you have inspired – to bring to consciousness how marketing can make a person (either operating as a sole trader or within a business, with others) FEEL. I want to create a space, dialogue, transparency and comfort for those for whom selling is not second nature, but who have something of value to give, unashamedly, with the world.

Richard Griffiths Hughes

The industry I work in is rife with hard sell tactics, and a race to the bottom in terms of trying to undercut and out price competitors. I don’t want to be a part of it any longer!

Maria Gabriela Singureanu

I stand for treating customers with empathy, honesty and transparency. The value stands in the way I deliver my services, the experience, the support provided, not in “secret solutions”.

Helen Bee

We’ve always felt uncomfortable with pushy traditional marketing. It has never been something we wanted to associate with our business. We're taking the ethical move pledge as a commitment - never to manipulate or pressure anyone into working with us, and to be open and honest about how we work.

Laura Perkins

I am pledging to the ethical move as a reminder to stay true to what I believe can and does sustain and add value to all of those I serve. I believe in this business model and pledge to be mindful of my practices and to never trade ethics for money.

Vicki Handley

I'm making the ethical move because integrity matters. I support small, purpose-led, eco-conscious businesses and solopreneurs with their copywriting and social media marketing. I want my skills to help small businesses be part of the solution, not the problem. I don't want fear-based manipulation and dishonesty in marketing to fuel endless consumerism. We can do better, I want to be proud of the legacy we leave for our children.

Rebecca Henn

I’m making the ethical move because I genuinely believe in creating positive change, where each of our voices matter and where community has a higher value than follower counts.

Bex Massey

Integrity is one of my personal values, so why wouldn't it be one of my business values? I want my customers to be completely happy with the service they receive, so taking this pledge is integral to providing customer service to be proud of.

Claudia Kozeny-Pelling

I am making the ethical move because I don't want to manipulate anyone into buying. I hope we can all move away to a more responsible way of marketing (especially in social media marketing). Currently, there are just too many fake 'gurus', false promises, and unethical marketing techniques. A move away from charm pricing, artificial scarcity and fake engagement is very welcome.

Ashley Grenstone

I am taking the pledge as a part of a number of steps to make my sole-proprietorship ethical, sustainable and community centered. I have a bit of a ways to go but this system here feels like a solid foundation to build from and I know I'm not alone in wanting a better way.

Alice Karolina

Let's break consumerism by making marketing ethical and creating a marketplace built on honesty, trust, and transparency.

Jessica Walther

I am making the ethical pledge because I believe in serving people over profits.

Lisa Pascoe

I am making the ethical move because I am tired of manipulative sales tactics and want to be part of creating a new way of doing business.

Dana Escamilla

As a marketer I'm tired of seeing manipulative practices and false selling of millionaire dreams and proven methods of success.

Lori Stone

I am making the ethical move because in this buying/selling equation I can participate in both sides. And will.

Savannah Esposito

I am taking this pledge because I am sick and tired of the way the coaching industry is losing credibility and the real ethical coaches out there are suffering because of it. I've always wanted to genuinely help people, and I feel like the good coaches

Ann Gibson

Finally, a tribe of business owners coming together to represent truth in marketing. My brand is about living in alignment to create our greatest "lived" experience of life, a life of true freedom. And being in alignment myself, and as a brand, is non-negotiable. Each step, from this simple one, to bolder ones ~ especially collectively ~ gives me hope of a more just and equitable world for people, animals and the planet.

Katie Hawley

I am making the ethical move as it is one of company core values: DO THE RIGHT THING. We are guided by solid moral compasses. We stand for what is just and right and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards. We want to be transparent and ethical in all that we do!

Helen Rebello

I am making the ethical move because everything I offer to the world is created from my heart rather than my head, and I do my utmost to avoid marketing based on fear or pain. I love what the ethical move is doing and am delighted to have found them.

Naomi Hattaway

I am making the ethical move because I believe in transparency, worth and value no longer being tied to manipulative sales prices.

Olivia Herrett

I do not want to contribute in unethical sales

Helen Harper

I have been taught to sell in extremely unethical ways, and I felt very uncomfortable the whole time. It doesn't line up to any of my values! Now I know there are "other ways" (i.e. being authentic, and true to yourself) I am all in!

Linda Nuyts

I made the ethical move when I started my business in 2006. I don't like being manipulated, and I refuse to do that to others. It was sometimes difficult to stay true to myself over the years, when guru's started to teach what we 'should do to be successful'. But I survived and I am so happy to see others refuse to use manipulation.

Hayley Holden

People over Profit.

Matthias Hoffmann

We are taking the pledge because we strongly believe in sustainable innovation. This includes an ethical approach to marketing and customer relationships. Sustainable innovation in products, services and business models should not rely on cheap marketing tactics, but create true value and a happier world.

Lisa Akers

Because it just makes sense. Making the prices a few dollars or pennies less means that you are manipulating. I am a no-BS person, and I want to run my biz that way too.

Joanna Crow

I am tired of being bombarded with false advertising and false promises as well as companies under delivering in quality.

Karyn Kelbaugh

Business owners are consumers too. If we don't like being manipulated, then we should show it by walking the walk.

Kate Clarke

I am making the ethical move because the old way of manipulation marketing has lead to a society of more more more and overconsumption that is destroying the planet and humanity. We can do better.

Kristin Price

I want your decision to work with me be a stronger desire than just $1 difference in price.

Shulamit Ber Levtov

Pledging to make the ethical move helps me stay in integrity with my values.

Eleanor Mason

Because now more than ever we need honesty and transparency and to work collaborative to rebuild the small sector independent business communities.

Gillian Hipp

I am all for honesty, integrity and transparency and aim to communicate with my clients and potential clients with these core values in mind.

Siobhan Strode

I have struggled with the idea of pricing for so long - not knowing how to sell without being sleazy and hating the idea of tricking anyone into working with me. As a socialist, feminist, and Labour councillor, I want people to know that I am honest and price things fairly. So having a pledge is a great idea for when people ask me about my pricing.

Danielle Young

I am making the ethical move because I am tired of seeing the burden placed on consumers to make ethical choices about what business to support. I want to lead by example in my company with values, marketing, sales, and products that do no harm to customers and those who interact with my business.

Ali Groves

Being authentic in the way I do business is incredibly important to me. We all know when we are being “sold” to and it doesn’t feel good. I want my clients to have a good experience right from the first contact with my business.

Jenna St John

I believe whole-heartedly in honest consumerism. As a merchant I want to communicate this value so my clients can trust that what you see is what you get, there is no trickery in my business! / I am a copywriter and I don't want to be part of the problem.

Lori Del Genis

I am joining this fight because as a small business owner I see first-hand some of the manipulative tactics that people use. I want to be part of the solution.

Lisa Yee

I don't love the old school, manipulative philosophy of getting ahead. It's time for a truer, more authentic and ethical way of doing business!

Sergey Soloviov

I wasn't convinced or turned by the Ethical Move Pledge. The truth is, I have been following the guidelines very similar to those of the Ethical Move for years now. Since I believe in those principles it only makes sense to back the movement, so that more people take notice. It's the right thing to do, we as people deserve a calmer environment and more room for conscious choices.

Becky Harley

I'm passionate about making my business as ethical and sustainable as possible and absolutely don't want to be pressuring anyone into a sale! In the wedding industry it's so important that people have the time to consider their choices carefully and pressure sales is not what I'm about at all!

Melanie Howell

I'm tired of being sold to in a manipulative way, let's be honest!

Elaine Jackson

I've always aspired to be as ethical as possible in my business, but I also recognize that there are times when I've failed, either through ignorance, lack of forethought, or by following 'convention' without questioning it. I think this conversation is really important and I'd like to be part of it.

Kaitlyn Macri

We are making the ethical move because we believe that conducting business with integrity is undervalued and the right thing to do.

Monika de Neef

We are naturally honest and love to help businesses grow in a heartfelt way. So, we feel sick seeing the ‘squeeze’ mentality of many pushy, sleazy, manipulative and dishonest business owners. We believe that everyone should promote and sell ethically as a common way of doing business. It’s great to be part of a global ethical movement of kindred-spirits. Because business in its essence is about making connections, nurturing relationships and serving a bigger purpose. Together we can create an interconnected world that works for us all. A world in which who we truly are, what we do, and the way we work become one.

Christina Paul

Because good ethics should mean good business.

Nicolet Groen

I made the ethical move because I am tired of luring people into my courses with seemingly lower rates. I want to be an open and honest business owner with a clear pricing structure, great products and courses and excellent customer service and aftercare.

Justine Pattantyus

I made this change late last year and want to pledge publicly because I don't like being manipulated as a consumer. I believe that business can be a force for good, but to do this, our actions and the ways we run business have to be in integrity with our intentions.

Carmen Watts

As a marketer, I have become somewhat (very) disillusioned with my industry. As a consumer, I'm tired of being sold to. Bone tired. Marketing itself is not inherently good or bad, but it can be used for both good and bad, depending on who's doing the marketing and what their intention is. As marketing is a largely unregulated industry and the barriers to entry are so low, it's important that we have standards and regulations in place to ensure that we are doing the right thing and acting with integrity, always.

Angie Litvinoff

I am an ethical celebrant, building awareness with conscious people who I officiate for - that the planet and its inhabitants matter, that our actions matter. From upcycled clothing, ethically made items, to eco burials, from locally sourced flowers to giving to charities, all can create a difference in our lives and those of people, plants, animals, habitats, countries.

Anna Kochetkova

I am committed to ethical and effictive socia media marketing strategies and practices because I recognise the power of good social media and condemn using marketing for anything else but good for all living things.

Camille Burger

I am just starting up my own social media marketing agency and was just about to launch my first ad. I followed all the manipulative tactics but i does not feel good. I am now creating a split-test not using any manipulative tactics at all. I was looking for inspiration and found an article on medium.

Ali Zucker

I am making the ethical move because I can either be part of the problem or part of the solution—I want to be part of the solution. That starts by turning business values into business practices, such as the ethical move's marketing standards based on transparency, trust, and honesty.

Anne Archer

I am working in the field of mental health and worry how vulnerable people are being manipulated and having their choices restricted.

Dominique Jacobs

I don't want to fool or be fooled; fairness is a core value.

Tracy Stanger

I don’t want to sell to people in the same ways I hate being sold to. I know my products are good and I just want to connect them with the right people who need them.

Natalie Hormann

I firmly believe in free choice and full transparency. To me it's part of expressing that I care for people more than for my bottom line.

Kat Kuczynska

I hate the manipulations I read about in every marketing book and I see around me online. I want people to buy from me because they want to work with me. Not because I manage to "lure" them in with white lies about only 3 spaces left...

Kate Beddow

I made all my prices whole numbers because I have always felt that 99p prices were manipulative and underhand. I would much rather be transparent and sell something for £10 than £9.99.

Sarah Seaton

I work with ethical business and I'm trying to amplify their 'good vibes' but I also want to create my own.

Katy Carlisle

I'm making the ethical move as finding out how to get help with your website shouldn't be a daunting or confusing prospect.

Rachel Green

I'm making the pledge because I'm over the cheese and the sleaze that comes with sales BS. Sales isn't about taking your bucks. It's about meeting a need and solving an actual problem. Not convincing people to buy landfill they don't need because we're enslaved in this mindset of want, buy, consume. I'm trying to break that brainwash for myself - and for my clients. No more buying brainwash.

Melissa Packham

I've been a marketer for over 15 years - and the whole time there's been some of these types of tactics that have just felt wrong. Instead of blindly going along with it because "that's just what you do", I want to be an example of brands as a force for good. I coach my clients on this anyway, so making it official by pledging just feels right.

Carole Amend

Pledging to the ethical move feels like coming home to a loving, like-minded community. It is my conscious desire and expectation to be held accountable and to be in the service of contributing to the social change I wish to see in the world.

Maria Arango Kure

I am making the ethical move because I believe we can do well by doing good. I've burned myself out being part of an industry where the pressure to be cut throat and focus on sales and conversion. I want to deliver value, not noise.

Tash Morgan-Etty

I'm making the ethical pledge because selling ethically should be the standard. The more we highlight the advantages of ethical marketing, the more both consumers and companies will be aware that there is a better way to buy and sell.

Rachel Barbic

I am making the ethical move because I can no longer support my clients in utilizing manipulative marketing tactics in order to make more money.

Carly Anna

I am pledging to ensure that all of my marketing, selling and business activity is ethical and seeks to do no psychological harm to my audience. I believe that as a coach, my client's transformations begin from the moment they enter my audience, and that encouraging them to make buying decisions rooted in lack, scarcity and fear only exacerbate their problem - not solve it, as they are trusting me to help them do. I believe that coaching can change the world - but only if we are deliberately ethical in our businesses, right from the first interactions with our brand.

Amy Scott

I am making the ethical move because I'm tired of the sleazy manipulation tactics of online business.

Cat Walther

I'm pledging to the ethical move because I believe modern service based businesses should believe in their offerings and invoke trust and loyalty through those offerings. There is no room for scaremongering and inauthentic selling anymore.

Melanie Mallinson

Because I want to remind myself every day of the need to be ethical in all that I do ... in work as a marketing and digital coach ... and more widely in life.

Lynne Bardell

Both personally and a new social enterprise with my co-founder, Carers' hearts CIC is working to support unpaid and working carers with the emotional wellbeing throughout their caring journey. We will ensure that we use only ethical, emotional or psychological non-pressure marketing strategies that are part of our values. Our communities are already under incredible pressure, so in our interactions with them, we will uphold the highest standards of ethic, transparency and integrity and we are pleased to make our pledge to this inspiring movement.

Amanda Fearn

Everything I'm reading here gives me a warm, comfortable feeling in my chest.

Ashley Overholt

I actually feel like I don't fit into the online business world. I see pushy sales and crappy webinars just trying to sell you something. I try to be as honest as possible and I even tell my clients about my challenges.

Thomas Liller

I am making the pledge, because I believe in honesty and authenticity when it comes to marketing, because no one wants to be screwed or dragged into buying something they don't really wanted in the first place. Even though many marketers believe and act differently, I want to be an example, that a different marketing is possible.

Huda Hamid

I am making this ethical move because I believe that humans can make decision on what they should buy and not what they think they should get. Psychological numbers have gotten me into debts, so I know first hand how much of a pain they can be.

Leanne Stewart

I believe in transparency over manipulation. I believe in upfront pricing over psychological selling strategies. I believe the work I do and the way I price it doesn’t need to hide behind trickery. That’s why I pledge to use round numbers in my business.

Lindsey Hardy

This website it amazing - such a fantastic idea and I'm so excited to be able to become part of this and make the very important pledge to do business more consciously. It's so important to take responsibility and acknowledge for the part I play in the cycle of consumerism, and thank you for your work in ensuring more people do business in a honest and kind way for both the consumer and the planet.

Natalie Dodd

I will make the ethical move in order to break the cycle of customer manipulation and bad practice. I truly believe that brands and businesses should function in line with their Purpose - and everything must reflect this, including marketing. Old ways have to change so our future can be brighter. Businesses can, and must, be honest and more accountable.

Claire Brown

My business is making the ethical move to be true to myself and transparent and honest with my likeminded customers.

Claire Benson

Over my 20yr+ marketing career I have been deeply concerned and cynical of some marketing practices. I have always known there is a better way to market and is one of the reasons why I like working with charities. My purpose is to educate and encourage ethical and sustainable marketing and communication practices. So to find this community of like-minded professionals is fantastic.

Emily Atkinson

We have to be the change we want to see in the world. Now more than ever this is imperative. We have to lead by example and encourage our peers and industry to do the same. Thank you for this movement!

Aniseh Sharifi

When we talk about prices in our day to day conversations, we tend to naturally round numbers to make it easier to understand. Why not practice the same ease and flow in our business? It's a simple measure that sets the tone for the kind we business we want to run.

Meg Collier

I am making the ethical move because I believe there is another way to market our services and the work inside of our practices. I've seen first hand the harm that unethical business practices incur on people and I refuse to be complicit in that system.

Michelle Wolff

I am tired of being connected to unethical practices in the coaching industry that target fear and scarcity and call it marketing.

Jennifer Lo

I am making the ethical move because I believe each and everyone one of us can do more to make a difference and make change and better choices. Not only have I been learning and growing on my own ethically minded journey for a while but there is always more. I make this promise to keep going.

Sophy Dale

I used to shy away from marketing because I hated how pushy and manipulative it seemed. Over the last couple of years I've gradually found my way towards working in a way that feels genuine rather than salesy - and I'd love to be part of a wider movement of people who feel the same way.

Wendy Conrad

It’s exhausting teetering between doing what everyone else says you should be doing even though it makes you feel gross, and authentically wanting to get your offers into the hands of people you think you can really help. It’s nice to have a framework of guidelines that make you feel good about marketing.

Caroline Leon

I'm all about ethical marketing and doing business with integrity. Whilst it might seem inconsequential not using round numbers is a tactic to manipulate us into believing we are paying less than we actually are. I refuse to be part of that trend because I don't want to manipulate my customers, I want to serve them powerfully and with integrity.

Kelsey Budge

As a daughter of an alcoholic mother, I have a distorted sense of trust. I have fallen prey to many marketing schemes that said it was my health and could help solve my problem. I am also curious so I always thought, “why not try” only to be mad at myself later. I do not want to add to the problem.

Cath Harris

As an ex-marketer, I had an epiphany where I realised that most of marketing was abusing the trust of consumers, effectively expanding the truth and seeking new ways to exploit. In my non-profit social enterprise, we seek to be as honest and ethical as possible. We are straight-forward and clear in our communications.

Naomi West

As I'd like to align with good people who align with my values, and build relationships with 'fellow tribe' with varied skill sets for rising together with each other, and in turn supporting the wider communities around us to rise too.

Charlotte Collier-Hunter

I am making the ethical move as I believe that the exploitative nature of large corporations has endangered our planet and is detrimental to those who inhabit it. Without mindful industry and supporting these practices, change is impossible.

Richelle Ludwig

I am making the ethical move because I believe in honesty and integrity. I work with client's to develop their self-agency, so why would I manipulate them into working with me. Consent is important to me.

Olivia Earle

I am making the ethical move because I get annoyed with pushy fake sales pitches. I have fallen prey to them myself and I strive to provide honest marketing and quality content to my clients.

Sophie Keate

I am making the ethical move to help create a more human-centric, socially aware and sustainable practice of marketing. The type that that could change lives.

Lisa Otto

I believe that running a successful business should not be at the expense of others. I want my work to inspire others and make their lives better. This means being honest, transparent and selling your product ethically and not using cheap triggers and click-bait to make people buy your product or service.

Margie Serrato

I pledge to take the ethical move, because I believe that transparency, honesty, and integrity benefits us all. I strive to be a part of the solutions, not the problems, in our world.

Claire Vines

I run my business on honesty and integrity and want my customers to know.

Holli Massey

I used to work in advertising for years. One of my biggest issues is manipulative marketing and selling people something they don't need just to get a sale. I'm all about empowering the people and helping them to inspire their inner/outer world. I've started a creative mentoring business to help serve the people (rather than brands) with their own stories and projects. I'm also developing ethical documentary stories to share with the world. I am in the process of changing my website because I don't like the copywriting. I do not sell to my clients but create relationships and only work with them if I feel I can really help them.

Besma Whayeb

I will use round numbers to provide complete transparency for my clients - and demonstrate how my work is worth those figures, rather than charm prices.

Noelle Weber Strauss

It doesn’t feel good to be manipulated. I’m a coach. If I want people to live authentically, I need to model that. I only want coach clients who truly want to be coached.

Alison Rakotonirina

It's been 20+ years since I sat in the psychology of marketing class at University. I always see these prices and go 'ah-ha!' you won't get me, but you likely do. Fast forward to working as a coach and studying positive psychology and I see another side of this picture – female entrepreneurs undervaluing themselves. Charge what you are worth – it's you that decides your worth – clients pay anyway, at least the right ones do!

Melissa Dinwiddie

I am making the ethical move because I am sick of being sold in a manipulative way, and I don't want to be part of the problem!

Lorna Middleton

I am making the ethical move because I want to encourage conscious rather than mindless consumption. It's my responsibility as a marketer to help towards better spending habits that will improve the world from a societal and environmental perspective.

Lisa Wilson

I hate "selling" or being "sold" to. I like someone who just shares their services knowing that they will get the right clients.

Nicole König

I feel that the age of marketing through urgency tactics and sparking FOMO is closing FAST -- what a wonderful thing. I'd like to help champion conscious capitalism as one of the propellers towards conserving and protecting the planet.

Concetta Cassidy

I am making the ethical move because...why would anyone NOT want to? I am so happy to have found someone who is saying all of the things that I have been thinking for so long. I am just setting up my business and had already planned to avoid the sales tactics that you’ve mentioned which quite frankly, always made me feel uncomfortable. This has made me even more determined to do things my way—a way that I can feel comfortable with and that allows me to sleep at night!

Gwenda Jeffs

As a business which is dedicated to eco and ethical matters, what better way to put out money where our mouth is than with the ethical move pledges?

Lucia Reed

I am joining the ethical movement because I want to be accountable for the way I represent and market myself, and encourage others to do the same.

Jane de Vos

I am making the ethical move as I am fed up with marketing campaigns from people trying to just get money out of people and then upselling at the last minute again.

Amy Kubanek

I am making the ethical move because my business is based on empowering others and I want all the parts of my message to reflect that. I am tired of the subtle scarcity tactics used to sell products and services in the wellness industry.

Bex McKnight

I am making the pledge because ethical marketing is an important part of building a more empathetic, compassionate and accessible world, and our marketing efforts should always be in alignment with our values.

julien fortuit

I am proud of what I am selling and I go by this Seth Godin's quote "You will pay a lot and you will get more than what you paid for!"

Angie Cole

I believe in honesty. I believe that honesty creates sustainability, growth and loyalty. I want to build a business and a world based on honesty and transparency. Creating honest prices also requires a business owner to face their own values and beliefs. This is why I’m committed to this pledge.

Seana Peele

I believe in transparency for our clients and in the digital marketplace. I believe in real conversations, being honest with everyone. No manipulation. No passive-aggressive tactics. Straight forward, honest and direct communication allows everyone to make an informed and rational decision in the marketplace.The Ethical Move supports this mindset for everyone!

Gemma Regalado-Hawkey

I made a decision to avoid rote marketing tactics because it feels manipulative, out of alignment, and feeds into the constant cycle of consumerism. I sell my products and services to be of high service to my clients.

Rebekah Sutton

I want my customers to be confident that I’m not using manipulative methods to to sell to them, and I want them to be confident that they’re buying an honest product and supporting a small, ethical business

Lynska Ramsteijn

I myself recognise how I feel when I am quietly lulled into purchasing something after they have used techniques to make me feel vulnerable without their product. Uncomfortable and disjointed. Why the heck would I want to do that to my clients when I am there to make them feel empowered and worthy. I am not perfect, but if we don't dream big – what are we doing?

Candice Cassidy

I’m taking the ethical stance because when I first started as a copywriter, creating misleading and questionable content made me queasy. And I realized I needed to make a change in how I approached my writing and how I counseled my clients to approach their marketing.

Helene Abrams

It's the right thing to do !

Tina DeValk

Its time to break the cycle of unhealthy, manipulation tactics and empower consumers to make informed, conscious choices. As an OBM who supports purpose-driven businesses, I believe this movement needs to begin with those of us who are changemakers. We must do business differently. With values and ethics at the forefront of our businesses, we are one step closer to creating a better tomorrow.

Dawn Beeslaar

Not only am I tired of being manipulated by marketing tactics, I don’t want to do it anyone else. I want my brand to add real value. The Ethical Move is like a guiding light in stormy seas.

Jessica Rober

I am making the ethical move because I have long been tired of and bothered by many traditional marketing tactics, as they often feel unethical and sneaky to me. I don't want to market that way to my own customers.

Danielle Rondeau

I believe that who we are and what we create when we are being true to ourselves is valuable and needed, and that if we are honest with our communities, we will be supported. I want to see a world created from that kind of deep trust. I believe this movement is a part of that.

Sian Conway

I am making the Ethical Move because there are too many self-proclaimed "gurus" and cowboys in the marketing industry promising life changing results for little effort, at a high, manipulative price point. I started my consultancy practice to empower people to market their business and learn ethical techniques that work, and I want to pledge to do the same.

Melissa Payne

There's a consciousness rising that our consumerist way of life is unsustainable. People are looking for meaning: the kind of meaning that doesn’t have anything to do with things or damage to the earth. They want transparency and clear action. I am an ethical research-driven copywriter dedicated to crafting website copy and quizzes for changemakers and conscious capitalists. I want to lead with my values and help lift up others who seek to do the same.

Eleanor Bowie

At the start of 2020, I pledged to myself that I wanted to make my graphic design business be more focused for good. I’m working to ensure that design is not intimidating, exclusive or purely aesthetically cool. I want to build a world where (all) people come before profit. Where small is beautiful and we don’t have to always chase bigger and better. Where ethics and environment are the true measures. This passion has pushed my business to pursue Design for Good.

Jennifer Hakim

As an individual, I promised to myself to be the change I wanted to see in the world - this is why I founded our agency Jennifer Hakim Communications, a marketing and PR agency for ethical and mindful businesses. We work hard at getting change makers and sustainability advocates off the ground and have a strong ethos and code of conduct. We live and work ethically for the betterment of our world, and our clients are the same.

Sophie Dierickx

Being honest and transparent is important for me in my personal life so it makes total sense to extend that to what I do as a business owner. Having customers buy from me because they really want to and belief in my product and services instead of being manipulated into buying feels the way to go.

Veronica Fossa

I always thought it is beyond ridiculous to be sold products and services at prices like 29,99€ or 299€, when it is clear that it's manipulative to say the least. However when you keep on reading and hearing from sales experts and marketing dudes that you should price this way otherwise you're out of the market, you kind of accept that this is only way to sell.

Marie Poulin

I am committed to building a deeply ethical brand, and questioning the status quo, scarcity tactics, and manipulative marketing that doesn't feel good. Marketing should feel delightful!

Olga Siekierska

I am making an ethical move as I believe with honesty I build a win-win relationship with my clients and this is how I want to work.

Sandy Reynolds

I am making the ethical move because I want my clients to know that I care about supporting them more than pressuring them into buying my products and services.

Katie Sadler

I am making the ethical move because I want to be part of a movement to make marketing feel less manipulative.

Alexander Ward

I am making the pledge because I believe businesses should have honest practices based on quality and respect, not sales.

Rosalia Rivera

I am making this pledge because I don't believe in using the psychology of marketing in a manipulative way and it's high time that, not only brands and businesses, but also marketers become more authentic in their communication with the end consumer.

Elinor Trier

I am sick of the manipulative 'tricks' that businesses are told to use in order to make sales. I believe that honesty and connection is the way forward. I love what you're doing here and I want to be a part of it.

Holly Hinton

I detest the old way of marketing and sales and want the world to be more transparent and honest.

Kim Kiel

I saw the badge on someone else’s site and my curiosity piqued. I’m a sales copywriter and in direct response there are often tactics used. I use some but I’m mindful and honest in how I use them. And I personally detest charm pricing so I loved that in the pledge. I’d love to bring awareness to my clients and prospects.

Michelle Lapointe

Round numbers are just easier to deal with for business and buyers!

Matt Meir

The business world has been built on manipulation and scarcity tactics. Prices that are artifically inflated or adjusted to invoke a sense of panic and "must-have" desire leads to poor decision making processes and buyer's remorse. It doesn't have to be this way. I will not be part of the manipulation. I shall speak out about artificial and manipulative business models. I shall employ ethical pricing and model ethical and moral behaviours through my business practice and social media channels. It's time for change, and I want to be a part of it.

Lucy White

Truth is at the heart of successful marketing, and everything that we do as a business.

Niamh Harnett

I'm making this pledge because I'm launching a virtual assistant business for ethical entrepreneurs, and it is so important for me to be ethical and help clients be ethical. My stomach turns when I see manipulative marketing practices, and I in no way want to be a part of that. We need more conscious business owners and I want to help them with that.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

I have a background as a therapist and the thought of manipulating my clients for payment would never cross my mind. It would be unethical. Fast forward to all of the advice and training in the coaching world and manipulative predatory sales practices have felt so gross to me! I was so happy to hear that someone else thought so too!

Jonas Ellison

I'm making the ethical move because it feels great to be up-front and non-dodgy to some of the most important people in my life - my customers.

Mandy Kubicek

We have enough manipulative advertising that we’re all fighting to avoid. I’m here to bring good healing energy to the world, not more self-centered energy!

Amber Turner

I've never been a fan of using trickery or gaming tactics just to increase sales. I've done it before, but never felt good about it. It was time to finally feel good about my pricing, and use whole numbers like I already do in my head when shopping.

Lauren Conley

My business is built on eco and social consciousness. I believe to see changes in the world, businesses have the right and responsibility to be the change. So, here I am!

Jessica Lohmann

I founded ethical brand marketing to help ethical brands create and implement an ethical marketing strategy that rocks. I inspire people to learn about ethical ways to market that go against the traditional ways of copywriting manipulation, competition battles, price wars, etc. I want ethical biz owners/marketing to have fun with their marketing and see marketing for what it truly is: Connecting with people who share similar values and want to support ethical brands...

Sabine Harnau

As ethical communication experts, we need to take a stand for great copy and design and against customer manipulation. Research, empathy and a strong message will always win!

Linzi Martin

I am making the pledge as I want to be responsible in how I present myself on my site and within social media. I am fed up with seeing sites that project lots of hype and as I develop my business I want to be genuine and not all ra ra ra!

penelope sloan

I am taking the pledge because it is in alignment with my values and how I want to show up in the world.

Kathy Austin

I have always found it uncomfortable to use "pricing psychology" in my pricing. I want people to work with me not because it seems like a deal, but because they genuinely need my help.

Tracie Nichols

I respect my clients and trust them to make good choices for themselves. Manipulative pricing tactics just don't serve either of us.

Lacy Boggs

I'm a content marketer and I want to be part of the solution!

Greg Halpen

I’m making the ethical move because I’m smashing capitalism within my own business structure.

Laura Bell

I'm pledging against manipulative, misleading and irresponsible marketing and I want to be part of the solution.

Laura Cobb

I'm so sick of having coaches you coach coaches contact me asking about my funnel, the effectiveness of my coaching, how much growth I'm having with clients, etc.....I've narrowed my niche enough, My clients see outcomes to their liking--not mine. I don't want to grow more clients I want to grow the depth of service I provide to them.

Emily Searle

No one likes being sold to - Let's be honest. I want to ensure no one working with me feels icky after, building trust and therefore a long-standing and sustainable business.

Abi Boughton-Thomas

The coaching industry is awash with manipulative marketing - let's welcome in new ethical standards for all aspects of our practice, as opposed to signing up for to therapeutic codes of practice while applying different ways of being in the business world.

Olivia Fromm

Wow. I just found you guys as I explore the world of ethical marketing/copywriting, and I LOVE everything you stand for! This is the kind of business I want to embody and carry into the world.

Darcy Cybolsky

I have always used round numbers for my business because a) I don’t want to manipulate anyone. And b) It makes giving change easier when people pay cash. Watch the documentary series The Century of the Self to get a clearer picture of how marketing manipulations began and propagated.

Abigail Feil

I am making the pledge because I teach these concepts as a conscious business coach, and have been so saddened to see people be manipulated by unethical marketing tactics. We can do better as an industry, and it starts with us!

Anneke Krakers

Because I want to be transparent and integer.

Lisa Wood

I'm making the ethical move because I believe we shouldn't have to trick people to buy. I choose to run my business with integrity rather than resorting to manipulative tactics to get a sale.

Lou Blaser

I can see and hate when it's done to me and I don't want to do the same thing!

Jen Pavich

I'm making the ethical move because I believe that consent matters in all things, including business. I want to stand with and support other businesses that care about equity, justice and inclusivity.

Ruth Habermehl

Because I want to have a cooperative relationship on an equal footing with my customers from the very beginning.

Katie Back

Being an ethical and eco-friendly business we want to reflect our values in all aspects of our work, including our pricing strategy. We want to avoid using a manipulative approach and encourage other small businesses to get involved in a much more honest strategy.

Steven Johnson

I aim to introduce a store to my site in the near future and I don't believe in the manipulation that seems common nowadays to make a quick sale. I want to focus on providing value and authenticity over misleading my audience with the aim of a sale.

Lucy Whitehall

I am making the ethical move because I want everyone who buys my services to have 100% clarity about their investment. I want clients to know they can trust me and my fee structure without any need to haggle or bargain or have difficult conversations.

Rowena Roberts

I made this ethical move because I think the fear and scarcity mindset is harmful for us, and should be unnecessary to market truly valuable products and services. I'd like to see fear-based marketing become, instead of the accepted norm, a red flag to make people suspicious of the true value of a product.

Jodie Thackray

I making the ethical move because I want to give my customers a great service with fair pricing!

Lauren Lovett

I want to join the ethical pledge in an effort to support a moving influencer indstry and to support individuals within this industry to conduct themselvees with ethics, morality and an attitude to 'sales' that goes beyond just making a quick pound.

Lily Cameron

I'm a copywriter and I'm making the ethical move because I'm tired of writing copy that manipulates people into buying. I believe in the entrepreneurs I work with and the services/products/programs they offer, so I want to help them make their impact (and make money!) by empowering their audience to consciously choose to buy from them.

Nat Couropmitree

I've been the victim of manipulative sales and marketing strategies for many years. These practices can trigger past traumas and thus have long lasting effects. It's no fun. I don't want to perpetuate the harm caused and so I'm making the ethical move.

Damaly Shepherd

I've been writing towards this in my business all year actually. Most of these tactics are choices that always makes me feel icky and through my anti capitalist training I was able to learn that it's because of its ethics.

Karen Webber

My business is built on bringing goodness to the world through good, ethical marketing. Anything I can do to extend those principles to the rest of my business is better for everyone.

Aileen Barz

The world has changed. It has changed by companies and marketing. We have changed. And we can do it again. I am so tired of this unconsciousness, this manipulation and all time wanting more. Lets create the important and the inevitable.

Maci Wescott

Two of my core personal values are authenticity and transparency, I choose the whole pricing model to reflect in my business the values that I hold dear.

Anna-Marie Swan

We are joining the Ethical Move because we know that transparency, decency, and honesty moves and connects us all, while manipulation and underhand tactics dis-empower and harm us all. We at 17DM Creative want to be an active advocate for ethical marketing by sharing this message, and by bringing that transparency, decency, and honesty into every action we take.

Lorinda Hosseinbucus

I believe that honesty might not make me rich in the short-term, but it will pay off and means I can sleep soundly at night.

Rachael Kay Alberts

I am making The Ethical Move because it aligns with my values and I want to make a public commitment to continue making ethical marketing a centerpiece of how I do business.

Lorraine Watson

Transparency feels good. Round numbers feel whole, straight forward and honest. Ethical pricing is another component of representing myself so you know who I am and what you'll get when working together.

Chelsea Quint

I have seen and experienced too much harm done through manipulative marketing and sales tactics - especially in industries that in theory exist to help people. I dream of a world where creators, innovators, entrepreneurs are well paid for what they create, and don’t rely on manipulation or false scarcity to make a living. Where making a living is a reality for everyone, and we can close the gap between the haves and the have nots, the creators and the consumers.

Alice Karolina

Safety, justice, and equality for all.

Brogan Micallef

Can I just say that I wanted to scream "YAAAAAAASSSSSSS" when I found The Ethical Move? My whole philosophy around content + marketing is about doing content *your* way. That there's no 'shoulds' and that you can be generous, tread your own path + still create epic content for your peeps. So the whole idea of ethical marketing fits beautifully. I've always felt icky about psychological marketing tactics and have struggled to price my products + services in a way that felt GOOD. The thing I love most about the ethical move is that it gives you the courage to stand up and say, "You know what? Manipulative marketing tactics are not cool + there's a better way to grow your biz."

Kate Carman

As the Founder & Creative Director of a studio rooted in creating purpose-driven digital design, operating with transparency, integrity, and ethical values are extremely important to me. As an introvert, I've always struggled with the notion that sleazy sales techniques are the only way to succeed in business as they don't resonate with me. I believe now more than ever we have the opportunity to reclaim and reshape the creative economy; to lead the way in creating good things for good people, and consciously choosing not to just contribute to the noise.

Holly Landis

Because I don't want to be part of the problem, making people feel bad for decisions they made under pressure and will inevitably regret. Because I want my clients to feel good about their marketing, whatever that looks like for them. Because a world where we all look and do the same in an effort to fit in removes one of the greatest joys - creativity.

Rehnuma Choudhury

Because I preach transparency and honesty in messaging for brands - so why would I want to be any different with my own prices?

Lisette Zounon

I am making a pledge because I believe in being authentic and helping by providing value first.

Julia Williams

I am making the ethical move as I am frustrated with being sold to in cut throat industry of competitor shaming, overdoing packaging, and pricing undercuts. I am happy when my customer is happy with their product therefore I keep my margins small and my retail prices relevant. I reuse where possible.

Caroline Anthony

I am making the ethical move because I believe in honest transactions in selling & receiving services. I want to be able to clearly understand a service being offered to move forward with engagement & wish to be as clearly defined myself in my offer.

Libby Brewster

I am making the ethical move because I want to trust in the brands I buy from and the people I work with and I want to be an example of how we can do better.

Liz Wiltsie

I am making the ethical move pledge because it is in full alignment with my values. I don't believe in manipulative tactics and am grateful to have them laid out like this.

Fabian Tijssen

I believe in energy. We live and work in an interdependent world. To generate the best, it is not only ethical, but of key importance to trust and be trusted. The only way to cultivate the highest amount of energy for the good for all stakeholders is to be sure you make an impact on autonomic reserves (the balance between sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system). The higher the reserves the better the collaboration. The more relaxed, the better the performance, health, vitality and success.

Ciara Bruton

I have wasted so much money and time on offerings by online coaches and teachers who haven't delivered value. Instead, it's led to frustration, disappointment, self-doubt and confusion. I do things differently and was so excited to find the Ethical Move because it articulates what I wish was standard practice in online business.

Kate Tynan

I live my life in an honest and transparent way and I run my business by those ethics. My pricing vary as I offer a bespoke service but I am clear and I am honest about costs from the first contact. My starting prices are clearly displayed on my website. I expect excellent customer service as a consumer and that is what I offer every one of my own customers.

Ailene Cuthbertson

There are far too many "dark patterns" running around on the web. I have a background in UX and I believe in clarity, transparency and making it easy for the user to make the choice they want to make (not tricked into making). It's great to find there are people out there like me who feel the same way. I'm in!

Lauranne Grenier

We as Brussels Beer Project have always take high consideration in ethics. Nevertheless, we don't just agree in principle, we really want to put projects into action in order to work in a better and more ethical world.

Christopher Niziolek

We're living in a time and age proving the prejudice that humans can't communicate without subconscious manipulation. That's why I urge my business partners, friends and family to be real at any given time, any moment. I mean, trust is the most valuable good we have in the business world. You can't put a price on that but odd prices are everywhere. It's silly. Let's be more honest, let our products and services stand their ground on their own and earn up to 5 Dollars more with every sale. How cool is that?

Shoshana Allice

I am so tired of manipulative sales and marketing and I refuse to perpetuate it. I RESPECT my clients and potential clients and want them to work with me because it's RIGHT For them, not because I used psychological tactics to 'charm', coerce or scare them into it.

Anna Darian

I am making the move because unethical marketing promotes an addictive consumer culture where people make impulsive decisions in a state of vulnerability and desperation, often building a debilitating amount of debt in the process.

Naomi Ziewe Palmer

As an ethical-brands-only copywriter, I already charge round prices, but I am interested in the other forthcoming pledges from this initiative.

Erika von Kaschke

I believe this will help build a win-win world for everyone. If we all do well, the world will be a better place.

Ismay Mummery

As an ethical business owner I don't like manipulative marketing or selling tactics and neither will my customers so I am happy to pledge to pricing with round numbers.

Chris Thornhill

Growth Animals are making the pledge as part of our move, to educate and improve the way that we do marketing, ensuring that it always remains human first, ethical and win, win, win. A win for our clients, a win for their customers and a win for society.

Barb Klein

I am making the ethical move because manipulative marketing tactics have always made me nauseous and are not anything I want to be part of. I love the authenticity, openness, and honesty of this approach.

Andrea Moerike

I am making the ethical move not only because I am tired as you wrote it already, but because I deeply belive that it can and must work differently. We can sell good products that make a difference and we can do this in an ethical way!

Claire Couchman

I am making the ethical move to empower people with knowledge to live better and for good.

Nathalie Bougie

I am making the ethical move, since I want to contribute to the wellbeing of humans and the world as a whole. I don't want to work or live from a feeling of not being enough, not doing enough, not having enough. Because of this we have created a system that makes us always run harder, buy more, feeling dissatisfied, in fear at the expense of health, happiness and true potential (with its limits too). We are enough the way we are. I deeply want to contribute to helping people realize this themselves and see how wonderful and great they are. How much abundance there is in this world. And help them to start focussing on the person they are and soul that lives within determined to make this world a better place.

Gemma Carr

I am making the pledge because I want to be doing business for good. I want to break down systems that oppress us and encourage us to market using methods that do not always help the consumer. I want to build trust with my clients and live up to my values.

Andrea Kay

I am pledging to the ethical move because it makes total sense to me. My work isn't about things, it is about using less and needing less. It is about investing your money in your health by eating real food, avoiding toxic chemicals and other pollutants while reducing your stress levels. If anything it is about consuming less, not more. I am about helping people to live their best lives without collecting shiny things that make us feel better temporarily. This is about change and change for the better.

Bala Croman

I have always been very aware of manipulative marketing and want to avoid that in my business . I want to sell with integrity and honesty.

Lisa Townsend

I pledge to the ethical move because I want to make genuine, honest, and authentic connections with the people I work with.

Claire Zwozny-Bestwick

I prefer clear honest pricing that reflects my hard work, time and skills, along with the way I always try my best to ethically source my materials, tools and energy that power my small business

Emily KenCairn

I want every ounce of energy I put into my business to have a positive impact on the world. My clients should work with me because we're the right fit, not because I'm offering some slick "first one's free" type of deal. As a web designer and communications strategist, I want to help my clients see how they can sell their own services in ways that are completely genuine, confident and mutually beneficial, so I'm leading by example.

Anuj Dhanak

Simply put, if we ethically source and ethically sell the inequalities in society would significantly reduce. People in the early stages of supply chains are the ones who suffer from 'charm prices'.

Lara Arnott

This website it amazing - such a fantastic idea and I'm so excited to be able to become part of this and make the very important pledge to do business more consciously. It's so important to take responsibility and acknowledge for the part I play in the cycle of consumerism, and thank you for your work in ensuring more people do business in a honest and kind way for both the consumer and the planet.

Benedetta Ubezio

We are making the ethical move because we want to be part of the change. As mothers of two wonderful kids and as photographers running a business, we strive to inspire future generations through our everyday choices. And one of the choices we want to actively make is to sell our services because of the value they provide to the people who purchase them, rather than selling in a manipulative way and indiscriminately to people who don’t necessarily need them. We hope that more and more people will start to actively be part of the solution by selling and providing services in a fair and transparent way.

Jennifer Roy

I am making the ethical move because I am tired of being manipulated into sales, and because I'm tired of living in a world that values economical growth at the cost of people, animals, plants, environmental well being. Because I believe in a better way, and want to be a part of the solution. Not through manipukation- that's not a true solution anyway.

Katie Crepeau

I am making the ethical move to be transparent and honest with my ideal clients.

Jackeline Rodriguez

I am making the ethical move because many of my business colleagues have fallen prey to these tactics, as have I. As a content writer, I know that it is important to use my words ethically, and that is the entire backstory of how I got started. Therefore, taking this pledge and making the ethical move is the outward sign of the commitment I am making to myself and my clients to be a part of the solution via written words, and not contribute to the manipulation and sleaziness.

Lauren Van Mullem

I don't have to change my prices to round numbers, because they already were! Delighted to find a group of like-minded marketers.

Nadine Nethery

As a strategic copywriter I want my clients to have the confidence that any copy I produce for them aligns with ethical selling practices. Part of my mission is to make ethical selling the norm and use facts to drive decision-making rather than icky tactics.

Josh Edwards

For me as a creative agency, the client and business relationship is an amazing thing. You provide them with something they need and something they love, and you are rewarded for it. Being paid for work is amazing, but having an on-going relationship where you can really help them make a difference in their business is something quite amazing.

Kristen Channel

I am a writer seeking to offer my services to businesses. I have experienced the frustration of being manipulated into buying online courses and ebooks though questionable sales funnels. I have paid "charm prices." I have seen many penalize those who pay in monthly installments rather than in full, meaning those who paid in installments ended up paying 15, 20, 25% more in the end than those who paid in full. I am sick of the incestuous affiliate marketing circle jerk that is the online course industry.

Lana Jelenjev

I am disrupting the old patterns of pricing (and selling) to make way for more conscious and intentional one. Yes to change!

Jennie Dean

I am making the ethical move as I want my business and the way it acts to reflect my values; to share wellbeing practices that help people find the ways that feel right for them; inspiring and encouraging others to find, develop and follow their intuition through holistic wellbeing and development; and that wellbeing shouldn't be exclusive.

Janice Taylor

I am making the ethical move because I am tired of people trying to sell me their secret recipes, you can do it like me too nonsense because there must be a better way to do business.

Joanna Marie

As a new business owner, I don't want to start off my business with that mentality, and I seek to create a sustainable business with more than just making money in mind!

Denise Davis-Gains

I am making the ethical move to become part of the solution and ensure that we consciously support ethical brands, that we share offerings from a place of transparency and socio-culturally respectful well of deep commitment to our global community.

Heena Rai

I don't want to charge customers with overpriced design services. Design companies are intimidating and daunting, overpriced. It is all about being honest and selling a fair service, so it is affordable for everyone. The heart of everything we do is about the people.

Kelly Pratt

I want to be clear about why I do what I do and never be perceived as trying to trick anyone. If I could do what I do for free I would! Our world's currency is money, and that is how I can grow and make more of an impact. By being my most ethical self, I'll attract the people whom I want to have that impact on! I want to be part of the solution and transparency/authenticity is part of it.

Roger Hunt

I want to build something new, clean and refreshing. I am bombarded with unethical sales approaches all the time and want to create a safe, clear and ethical company and brand. I want to make my customers feel comfortable and supported.

Kristen Achziger

I'm committed to selling ethically and making sure my business is socially responsible!

Jennie Biltek

I'm making this pledge because it's small acts of rebellion like this that begin to dismantle systems and ways of being that we've been told are the only way. No, thanks.

Chris Friedrichsmeier

My prices are based on per square inch measurements (art). I round the cents up to the nearest dollar - which I consider ethical (I didn’t want to be scored though, so I put my comments here). My pricing changes in May and I will round up to the nearest 10 to be in alignment with your guidelines. Proud to be associated with your org!!

Amanda Livingston

The marketing profession has gone through some shady times over the decades and I've sometimes become a little disillusioned, but I'm encouraged to see a real movement towards more ethical practices. I strongly and passionately believe that marketers should use their psychology knowledge to bring about mutually beneficial transactions and relationships, not as a tool of trickery.

Mo Khan

To advocate ethical marketing initiatives for the betterment of both community and enterprise: We apply the following for ourselves, the people we work with, and the people our projects are designed for... Ensuring that we are Earnest, Empowering, Educating, Expertise Led and always Elevating Values

Jil Hunsberger

I'm making the ethical move because using manipulative and slimy marketing and sales processes made me feel gross and didn't sit well with my soul. New business owners learning marketing are taught that these manipulative tactics are the only way to be successful and sadly, they don't know there's a better way. I truly dislike being caught in someone's never-ending sales funnel and I don't want to make anyone feel like a cog in my marketing process. I believe that if more businesses get on board with being more ethical, it will become a standard one day.

Steve Mattus

Manipulation is totally unnecessary. I want to make connections, build relationships and make good, clear, heart-centered decisions for how we move forward together. I believe that making the ethical move is a part of the big change involved in dismantling systemic racism, privilege, patriarchy, sexism, gender bias, and a host of other venomous systems.

Thomas Wilson

Because I strongly believe there are effective ways to sell online without using psychological tricks to get people to buy from me.

Karina Randall

I am making the ethical move because I want people to know that I offer value and that I am honest and thoughtful.

Michelle Newell

I'm making the ethical move because I want my online behaviour to match how I treat people in the real world - with kindness and compassion, as an individual and not a number to be clocked up in my 'conversions' list.

Kayleigh Nicolaou

Myself, and the team here at Kakadu Creative, are making the ethical pledge as we came from a career in advertising and marketing that used manipulation and scare tactics to make people buy more things. We didn't agree with it, hence leaving and setting up our own ethical design agency. Let's change the narrative.

Claire Cullen

We take an ethical approach across all our marketing and sales activity. The ethical pledge is a wonderful, (sadly well-needed) initiative that we are pleased to show our support for.

Nathan Shearman

As a therapist I'm committed to an ethical framework for how I practice. Why would I then not show the same level of ethical integrity when I'm offering training? Building connections that have the foundations of trust and transparency are more meaningfu

Allison Marlowe

I was part of the problem. I came into business from education and knew nothing about marketing myself. I was taught a particular way not knowgin there was another way, but I always felt uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. When we know better, we do better.

Laura Gosney

I am making the ethical move pledge because I'm tired of being manipulated into parting with money I don't have, and being told there's only one way to succeed or sell; a gross and icky way.

Tracey Wond

Having worked to move a university to Principles of Responsible Management accreditation, I’d be a fraud not to pursue the same important morals in my own business. I’m passionate about being authentic and think it’s the right thing to do.

Luisa Nino

I once bought a super expensive course that was just a platform to keep selling things to me. They promised so much and they never updated the course. The facebook group was high-drama and non-inclusive. Then I kept seeing the same type of marketing over and over from "graduates" of that course.

Pam Rigden

I am done. Done with fake ‘scarcity’ and all the other bs sales tactics; tactics I have been taught and told to use. They work, I know, but they don’t sit comfortably with me. I will not be shoehorning anybody – because that’s what fake ‘scarcity’ does – onto my programme.

Vanessa Shepherd

I am making the ethical move, because it aligns with my values. I am tired of seeing gimmicky marketing and prices that undervalue the work going into the products and services we use each day. I’m tired of people not receiving proper compensation for their work and consumers not realizing the true cost of the low prices they seek. There’s a balance to be had in value and living comfortably within our means.

Lisa Ann Parker-Moreton

I have always worked this way. Love, truth and honesty are paramount to my personal spiritual and working life. I deem it a vital practice and an absolute necessity to the growth and wellbeing of the individual as part of a wider community. Together we are stronger, support and abundance are interconnected. One cannot exist without the other.

Paul Falk

I was beginning to believe that how things have been is "just how it is" and that the sketchy parts of commerce would always be shrugged off as "that's just business", until I found this cause. I am pledging to make the ethical move because I am hopeful that if we can increase awareness around the issue of manipulative marketing, and demonstrate clear alternatives, the consumer will be keen enough to help change the way things are. And that vision feels like a piece of peace in this world.

Sally Rees

I'm tired of being sold to in a manipulative way

Philipp Stakenborg

Making the ethical move comes natural to us: as a ethical creative agency we work with beyond-profits and try to make ethical marketing mainstream.

Wray Burgess

Sales is NOT about amassing dollars. I've always found that sales IS about building relationships.

Rachel Rennie

The language we use matters. The way we sell, matters. Using manipulative psychological tactics to sell is sneaky, and unethical. It's playing on base human needs to make money, without concern for the long-term effects on the consumer. It's playing on tactics like fear, or created fear, to make more money. Words are incredibly powerful, and my words (as my art) won't add negativity to the world of marketing. Instead I'm going to help shape it for the wider good.

Sonia Fernández

My mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to be successful with their businesses and lives. I am making the Ethical Move because to me; success is measured first by humanity and genuine connections and not only by money.