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Hello ethical movers!

After a restorative period off, our team members are emerging again and feeling excited about the year ahead.

Resting and taking a step back was just what was needed to give us great clarity on exactly what we will focus on this year: It’s you!

2022 is the year we will launch The Ethical Move Community.

The work already started last year, but now our focused attention will be on putting in place everything that is needed to build the Community. Get in on the excitement on our Instagram post last month!

Everything we do will be underpinned by our 2022 commitments:

Community. Open Up. Invite.

That means we will be going to greater lengths to involve you in all we do. We plan to learn out loud, sharing our internal marketing conversations, co-creating and collaborating with you and others in this movement.

Because things need to change. And that will take all of us.

the ethical move news.

Our team is growing!

At the end of last year, Lindsey Wheatley joined the team. Lindsey has hit the ground running, improving processes and supporting project management. (Soon you will find her bio on our team page along with the rest of us)

Black & white picture of Lindsey Wheatley


We are also very happy to welcome Jeanne Wheatley from Stay the Visionary as our new backend magician! 🎉

We are still looking for people to help us with:

  • Social media management (planning and execution, mainly on Instagram)
  • Community management (Q2 2022)

More details are available on our site.

our medium.

Your thoughts about ethical marketing will look great in our Medium publication!

We’d love to hear from diverse voices who would like to share their take on how we can disrupt mainstream marketing, dismantle oppressive systems and stop psychological manipulation.

Interested? Read the guidelines and get in touch.

our pledgee highlights.

We are taking this pledge because we believe in people and the planet, over profits. We want our customers to trust and respect us and to know that we understand what truly matters and that it is much, much more than money.
– Hannah Durdin,
I want my business to align with the kind of world I want to live in – the ethical move is helping me to do just that.
– Jessica Lax,

Find more pledgee WHYs on our website:

what we’re reading right now.

New pledgee Mary LaForge piqued our curiosity when she emailed us about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), pointing out that the NFT market appears to be an ethical minefield. She shared an article about the case against NFTs which we’ve been discussing on Slack. (Most of us had no detailed knowledge about NFTs.)

Maria, who has been doing research related to the topic, then also shared these articles to inform the discussion:

The co-creator of dogecoin explains why he doesn’t plan to return to crypto

The treachery of images: non-fungible tokens and copyright

Betraying Blockchain: Accountability, Transparency and Document Standards for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The Metaverse Land Rush Is an Illusion

Happy reading!

*We share resources to broaden our horizons, deepen our knowledge of our industry, and learn how to market ethically. The ethical move team does not agree with every opinion, nor do we claim to have found the best resources on the subject. What support or resources would you like to see from us? Send a reply and tell us!

what we’re working on.

In support of our big objective of building the community and our immediate goal of growing our team, we are planning our content for the coming months.

What sort of content do you want to see from The Ethical Move? What topics do you want us to cover, and where do you want to read (or watch?) such content?

We’re inviting you – now and always – to let us know content you need from us. Just hit reply and tell us!

Ps: If this newsletter feels late, a little bare, and you find typos – it is not for a lack of care or the amazing work of the TEM team, but for some health issues on my end. Nothing major, just need to rest my neurodiverse brain. Thank you for your understanding! 💛

We are always here for the conversation.

If you have questions, suggestions, or an idea to share, reply to this email or reach out at [email protected]. If you come across a tactic that you wish someone would take a look at, please send an email to [email protected].

For more ethics in your life, follow @theethicalmove on Instagram and Facebook – and check out our Medium Publication! If you have a great topic to explore in an article, please send us your submission. We need all perspectives to make this work for all humans.



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