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Hello ethical movers!


We’ve been talking about the big picture a lot, recently.

During our team meeting in April, Dimitra Meghawaty sparked a conversation that reminded us of our roots, the reason the ethical move exists in the first place: not just to feel better about marketing, but to break the cycle of consumerism.

Combined with our deep dive into accessibility this signified an important turning point in who we are (becoming) as a movement.

It led us to redefine how we can grow our movement: who it is really for, but is left out of the conversation, what a new standard for ethical marketing can look like, and what our pledge needs to become to create it.

And, we can’t do this without you 👇👇👇

the ethical move news.

'The Ethical Move Community' on yellow background with black tem logo

“Nothing about us without us” (known as a rally cry of the disability rights movement) sums up our beliefs, our learning, and how we want the future of ethical marketing and our movement to look. We need to do this together to be intersectional and accessible in what we build …otherwise, what’s the point?

For this reason, we’re happy to announce that we’re creating ‘The Ethical Move Community’, a membership-based online community where we can finally have this conversation in real time, be among peers, and grow together.

We’re in the process of building the foundations right now, making sure we create a space that is safe, joyful, and with you in mind. We’re planning to launch at the beginning of next year. 🤯 🙌

Tell us about your favourite communities and what you’d like to see!

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Do you follow us on Medium? We have a new article to share with you this month.

Based on our conversations, I’ve written an article called The Big Picture Of Ethical Marketing to describe what ethical marketing really is, why we have a pledge, and what we believe is our role.

Text "All of us need to stop centring white, privileged, western experiences when we talk about ethical marketing.", 'stop centring' is highlighted. Below is the ethical move logo and the title + author of the article

Later in the year, Dimitra will be leading a new content series called ‘Decolonizing Marketing’. We all need to be aware that within a colonized system, everything already has a default ‘white privilege’ setting — and that’s what we’re here to poke holes into.

Two things are already clear: It will be a great unlearning for all of us, and it will have to be a collective effort.
medium publication

*We have become aware that Medium itself is not accessible in its current form. We have created a blog section on our website to bring articles written by ethical move team members into an accessible format; and we will request each external writer do the same on their own platforms, bear with us while we create a working system. Find this article on our blog.

our pledgee highlights.

Every time a new pledge arrives in our Slack channel, we get reminded how important our work is. Here are a couple of recent pledges.

We’re making the ethical move because we’re tired of brands using sustainability for marketing just because it’s trendy!
We work to provide a representative view in our images, and we don’t airbrush or edit. We’re feminists and make sure there is no exploitation of anyone in our supply chain.
– Sarah Jordan,

I am making the ethical move because I think community should win over competition. Obviously, if you start a business, you want to succeed. I do want to sell my services. But I want to sell them ethically, to humans who will truly benefit for them, not just help me pay my bills. Selling ethically is another step towards creating a market where humans help each other up.

We are all different, with different talents. There is space for everyone. Honesty and empathy should always prevail.
– Amélie Gualandris,

Find more pledgee WHYs on our website:
our pledgees

what we’re reading right now.

It is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, and we’re finally being forced to collectively look into a deep, dark mirror as the (well known) secrets of residential schools are being unearthed. This month, our focus is not (only) on Pride month in North America, but on indigenous resources.

Native Women Lead is an organization we’re inspired by. Their mission statement: “To revolutionize systems and inspire innovation by investing in Native Women in business. We do this by co-creating with and convening our community to build coalition while honoring our culture, creativity, and connections.”

Indigenous Feminism Is Our Culture ‘A call to bring back matriarchy in Indigenous communities to rebuild and decolonize the foundation of Native community life.’
A beautiful article written by Jihan Gearon.

This month, we’ve seen lots of examples of pinkwashing (which we include in our woke washing tactic) – this is a timely compilation to drive that point home.
more resources
*We share resources to broaden our horizons, deepen our knowledge of our industry, and learn how to market ethically. The ethical move team does not agree with every opinion, nor do we claim to have found the best resources on the subject. What support or resources would you like to see from us? Hit reply and tell us!

what we’re working on.

Our approach is to treat our team as a microcosm of the community we’re building. The depth of vulnerability, trust, and compassion in our little group is astounding and I can’t wait to have a space to share with you that reflects this!

As for summer… Some of us are taking a step back to rest, others are using the lull in business to work on the back end of the ethical move. Social media might slow down a little, but our heads are deep in research and creation of our next moves.

We are always here for the conversation.

If you have questions, suggestions, or an idea to share, reply to this email or reach out at [email protected]. If you come across a tactic that you wish someone would take a look at, please send an email to [email protected].

For more ethics in your life, follow @theethicalmove on Instagram and Facebook – and check out our Medium Publication! If you have a great topic to explore in an article, please send us your submission. We need all perspectives to make this work for all humans.



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