Sherrie Marchi | Sherrie Marchi Coaching

I am making the ethical move because I find traditional marketing abhorrent to the extent that I can’t even market myself because I don’t want to be lumped in with the sales people among us.

Leslie Mello | Mello Branding

I want to hold myself accountable and not be tempted into using popular selling tactics e.g. hidden costs, upselling, DIY solutions at low costs that don’t deliver value for money etc.

Tom Radziwill | IKOU GmbH

When IKOU was founded, the first thing we did was to write a company codex in which we defined our ethical mission & vision. We don’t work for revenue maximization but for the people who are woking in our company and our clients (the people).

We don’t want to spin the wheel of endless but meaningless sales anymore.

Helen Brierley | Helen Brierley Limited

As a conscious business owner, I am committed to communicating in a way that is ethical, honest and transparent with the goal of helping others at the forefront. I am here to create a positive impact and to raise the consciousness of the collective. My marketing approach will be centred around empowering clients to make aligned buying decisions.

Elisabeth McLaughlin | Elisabeth McLaughlin Limited

Ethical marketing is part of our vision for a sustainable and equitable world. We are committed to supporting our clients make empowered decisions through communicating openly, honestly, and transparently about our services. As a conscious brand we pledge to always place the individual before the sale.

Charli Peake | Charli Peake

I am making the ethical move as I’m incredibly conscious of the influence I have over my client’s making marketing and branding decisions and believe that I should use that influence in a positive and ethical way.

Casey M Huff | TANR Wellness

I am making the pledge because I’m tired of feeling pushed aside because despite resonating with and loving a brand or offer, at this moment in time I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in someones product.

Michael Pepitone | Pep Designs

I certainly don’t want to be a part of the problem that we see day to day. It’s time to make an effort to move away from fear mongering and lack of empathy towards our society and planet.

Taji Torrilhon | Resilient Storytelling

I believe that centering ethical actions is a key part of my job as an entrepreneur. We need more examples of how ethics and business can co-exist. As a trauma-informed coach, being ethical is key to being able to fully see and help my clients.

Patrick Siebenbürgen |

I am making the ethical move because it reflects my business practise since I am working as a freelancer and I want to continue on this path and learn more about how to change the marketplace for the better.