Kirsty Waite | The Ethical Coaching Company

I want to create a safer, kinder industry that I operate in. I’m sick of seeing the fall out of people being manipulated and missold to by people with zero integrity.

Maggie Spizzirri | Moxie Marketing Inc.

I am making the ethical move because authenticity and heart is at the core of our own movement. Finding purpose in your passion is what we believe will make a change in how people interact online by putting kindness first.

Aubrey McShan | The Copy Sloth

Manipulation runs RAMPANT in the coaching and online course industries. Between fake scarcity and unrealistic income claims, the market really has a lot of work to do to catch up when it comes to working FOR the consumers.

Sam Foster | The Wild Lifers

Integrity is contagious. The more that we behave like a community that cares for one another and the world around us, the better off we will all be. In a world where business is exploitative, making the choice to behave ethically and with integrity matters more than ever.

Heather Read | Read + Co Books

I would like to see these principles folded into core business practice: inclusivity, kindness (to people and the planet), community-rooted progress and social consciousness.

Yessy Martinez | CULTURA

As two queer Latinx womxn, we are committing to making an ethical move towards sustainable business and personal culture by cultivating diversity in the workplace and educating marginalized communities on topics such as; mindfulness, entrepreneurship and justice.

Laura Walker | Fresh Solutions HR

In a corporate world I feel it’s very important to be transparent with clients and customers. I provide up front costs, quotes and guidance. I love the idea of the ethical move.

Geordie Anderson | Stiles Hosting

I am making the move because I don’t believe in unscrupulous marketing tactics, I’m tired of seeing people be sold things they don’t need because of their lack of knowledge of an industry and just generally hope to be part of something which will promote a healthy attitude towards internet use.

Tena Lavrencic | Thinking Threads

I started my content writing business to support businesses and organisations making an actual change. As someone genuinely passionate about sustainability and ethics, I also apply these principles to my business. This is why I’m taking the pledge!