Jenn Hume | Hell Yeah Tech

I am making this pledge as I am autistic and find it really hard to know what to believe in a world full of slick marketers. I find unethical marketing to be explotative and ableist.

Chester Beard | Salish Sea Consulting

I don’t like sounding salesy in my copy. And I want others to feel comfortable with the copy I write for them. My work is about making connections not conversions. So my copy reflects that focus. We want to make true connections and not just be sold to.

Lucie Gray | Lucie Gray Creative

Consumerism dosen’t work. Governments and large corporations need to change. But they won’t unless they see the everyday small business make those shifts and still be profitable.

Rionach Aiken | Rionach Aiken International

I am making the ethical move because I want to build a business centred around connection, equity and integrity. I acknowledge there is a ton of ongoing decolonisation to to – both inside me, in my business practices and in what I give support to (or don’t). I’m here for this journey.

Kovacs Melanie | Joy Works

I am making the ethical move because I’m tired of toxic marketing. I want to live in a world where marketing is helpful, inspiring, educating and helps us build connection, community and belonging.

Christy Foust | Living Daringly

I am making the ethical move because normally I hate being sold to. It feels yucky and manipulative. I want to create a marketing and sales environment that centers relationships and our connection as humans.

Mary Hallahan | The Full Potentail Life

People deserve to be treated with respect.
People deserve to have a calm nervous system. Leveraging fear and scarcity is harmful.
Marketing can be a beautiful way to be of service, to entertain, and to inspire.
Because I have experienced first-hand the disparity between the marketing claim and the actual experience.

Solana Payne | Soli Web Design

I pledge to the ethical move because I want to market in a way that will have a positive impact socially and share content that is of ethical nature. If I can do that I have taken action rather than be complicit in the current stance of marketing.

Anthony Mayer | Online is Easy

I’m making a pledge because my customers are my community and I value my community. I sell a valuable, authentic and trusted outcome through my business and money is one of the performance indicators not the intrinsic goal. I’m not happy if my customers are not happy.

Also, personally, believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. As a consumer or a supplier, it sucks when a business misleads me or bluntly rips me off, I never want to do that to someone else.