Amanda Suutari | Milkweed Fine Art & Design

I am making the ethical move because I believe business has a role and responsibility to play in doing things differently, in creating pathways towards supporting socially responsible and regenerative practices that will make it easier for other businesses in the future.

Linda Misiura | Linda Does Design

I am making the ethical move because I care about the clients I work with. I’m tired of hearing there’s a magic way of making money when it’s really about kindness, listening, and transparency.

Chloe Richardson | Chloe Richardson Creative

Design is a funny business, with ideas being used as inspiration or sometimes just blatantly stolen. I pledge to remain authentic in my design, and uphold my promise to offer quality unique design and not simply mockup a logo in canva and upsell at a premium.

Jennifer Weiner |

I dislike the practices that are outlined on this site when used in ways that manipulate so strongly. I avoid using them myself, and I want others to know they can trust me to NOT try to sell them things they neither need nor wat. I find this a great way to show others that I am trying to create an inclusive presence on my small corner on the web and more.

Niki Hutchison | Niki Hutchison Limited

I’m making the ethical move because I’m tired of seeing unethical sales and marketing practices online – often from people claiming to be ethical! I want to be part of the solution, proving that marketing can be done ethically and in ways that benefit both the seller and the purchaser.

Rosemarie Philip | Philip Consulting, LLC

I am taking this pledge because harm is being done in the coaching industry and I want to be an activator of change by modeling responsible marketing in my field.

Larry Brangwyn | Ethical Pixels

Some companies talk a big game about embracing noble ideals, or doing the right thing, but fall short of actually understanding or living their brand values. For some, it’s just words. A marketing gimmick.

Not for us. We wanted to be better. As such, our mission became more and more about being ethical. Doing the right thing, even if it wasn’t the easiest or most convenient for us. Doing right by our clients, partners, and the users who would interact with the things we built.

Marta López | Marta López Ramos

I am making the ethical move because many people are being lied about how easy it is to make money online and to set up a business. I’m tired of magic formulas that make people poorer and with a sense of failure and disappointment.

Effie Imam |

This world must change, and marketing can help change it, as long as it is done in an ethical way.
I want to be part of that change, using my marketing expertise for a good cause.

Meg Kendall | Meg Kendall Copywriting

My entire business is about “being part of the solution” — I write for Climate Tech brands and mission-minded SaaS companies. This pledge is a logical and obvious move for me.