Hannah Durdin

We are taking this pledge because we believe in people and the planet, over profits. We want our customers to trust and respect us and to know that we understand what truly matters and that it is much, much more than money.

Mary LaForge

I am making the ethical move because I saw the difference in ethical and non-ethical selling when I sold encyclopedias door-to-door and ethical felt most empowering.

Sophie Bolton

We only ever work with brands that have credible values, that we also share. We believe consumer choices are paramount to fixing our planet, which is why we’re committed to only promoting products with genuine, sustainable credentials.

Rachel Sebastian

I believe ethical and sustainable business should be the norm. I feel strongly against consumerism and greenwashing, and although consumers are becoming more aware of this I believe it shouldn’t be the consumers responsibility to dig for the truth to make the ethical choice, it should be our responsibility as a business to only offer ethical options, ones based on transparency, trust and honesty.

Iwona Sobon

Since I decided to start my own business I have seen and been approached by so many manipulative, dishonest people and I’m tired of it. These ways of marketing practices, promising 4 to 6 figure revenue within a month, three or six, are unfortunately so common in today’s business world! I want to take a sustainable route, be authentic and truthful. I want to actually help other businesses and do it ethically.

Rikki Sullivan

I am making the ethical marketing pledge because I am committed and 100% behind marketing that motivates and educates, rather than marketing that manipulates and misleads.

If we create great products and services that serve a true purpose, then we have no need to pressure, coerce or deceive with our marketing.

Mike Cottam

I am making the ethical move because I want to make a difference in my industry, which historically has been based on unethical selling tactics.

Linda Siemens

I am tired of being taken advantage of by people who’ve exploited my need for love. To those of us who’ve developed Codependencies and Addictions from past Traumas, I- Linda Siemens, stand with you in the fight for independence.

Jessica Lax

I want my business to align with the kind of world I want to live in – the ethical move is helping me to do just that.

Carmen Apostu

As a professional, I want my life’s work to reflect the values that are most important to me: authenticity, integrity, and sustainability. I believe it’s my duty to be mindful about how my actions affect others. My motto: “In 100 years, all new people.”