Andrew Barnes

We have fully transparent pricing and fair terms in our contracts. We are known as the ethical consultancy.

Helen Hill

Yes yes yes! I wholeheartedly agree with all of this. I hate the false nature of online sales, social media etc and always aim to show the truth behind my business. The good and the bad. The joy, the ugly tears. The wins, the losses. It is so important we fight this over-filtered, scarcity tactic driven world. As someone who has had issues with anxiety in the past I also think all of this is a huge contributor to mental health issues and we need to push back.

Heather Scott

I am making the ethical move because I am sick of meeting new clients who have been fed false promises in the past.

Susan Tutt

As someone who considers herself a minimalist, and also a copywriter, I am very aware of consumerism, and that the words I write can not only make or break a sale, they can contribute to the massive insatiable consumerism which is overtaking our planet. This was very uncomfortable, until I discovered The Ethical Move! It was so good to encounter others who are in a similar profession, being activists for a better future.

Ely Bakouche

I am making the ethical move because I am tired of mindless consumerism killing our planet, our people, our mental health. I don’t want to be part of the problem anymore.

Dez Stephens

I pledge to offer affordable and accessible services to the masses since the coaching industry has been dominant-culture and white-male-centric and “expensive” since its inception.

Krista Fee

My focus is integrity in all things: Thoughts, Feelings, Actions. I am about mental health advocacy and change of stigma so marketing should be clean too

Kate Shields

We’re making the pledge because we are passionate about promoting members of The Good Business Club and the amazing world-changing work they are doing.

Jeanne Carlier

I pledge because we all fell prey of one of these tactics once before and it feels awful. Business should be about kindness and offering something useful, not emotional manipulation. The more people are aware of these tactics, the more we’ll see better products, better services and better communication.

Jen Burgess

I am ready to make the ethical move because I am an entrepreneur and a consumer in an oversaturated online space, and I am exhausted by the barrage of emotional manipulation being used by my peers (sometimes even unknowingly or subconsciously). I don’t want my clients, students, or customers to feel how I have felt. I just want to show up and put all my cards on the table, share my work authentically, and build real relationships and a supportive creative community.