Olivia Earle | Olivia Earle Web Design

I am making the ethical move because I dislike the scarcity tactics, secret formulas with no real follow up. I believe in telling the truth and building trust with my clients and anyone that I am advertising too!

Alex Chell | Ardington Creative

I’m taking the pledge because I believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. I don’t like icky or deceitful marketing tactics as a consumer so I refuse to use those tactics in my business. I want to learn more, advocate for better practice within marketing and business, and be part of the ethical move tribe. This feels like home.

Blue Mackay | Tied Fates

I want to see a change in the world which has to start with me. I don’t want to add to the consumerist manipulation which has put us in the situation of mass consumption, pollution, and global warming.

Kloe Avon | KZ Organics

We believe businesses should be responsible and should be leaders within communities. We believe that we should be role models for the next generation and do what we can within communities, the planet and people.

Nicola Brown

I am taking the pledge because present day marketing is disempowering to relationship building. I would like to support the shift to clear advertising.

Risa Kawamoto | Risa Kawamoto

I am making the ethical move as ethics and sustainability are central to my beliefs and I am passionate about creating a world where everyone is valued and respected for who they are and where we all consider our own impact and responsibility to act as guardians to our beautiful planet.

I admit that I’ve made many mistakes in the past following unethical marketers’ manipulation tactics and strategies to market my services. I’ve also fallen for manipulation tactics by these marketers. I’ve learnt my lessons and I’m now committed to making sure that I’m marketing my business ethically in recent years and continue to educate myself as I know I still have a lot to learn!

Slavina Dimitrova | Slavina Marketing

I’m making the ethical move because it reflects my values and way of work. I’d like to provide reassurance to those I collaborate with and inspire others to follow suit.

Kristin Mothersbaugh | Cherry Blossom Spirituality

I am taking the pledge because I agree that marketing has become toxic and disempowering, and I would like to be an example to help shift to healthier and more transparent advertising.

Cayleigh Stickler | Mission to Movement

I’m making the ethical move because my brand is built on helping entrepreneurs and advocates create a movement for what they believe in, and I can’t do that unless I run my community with my core values in mind.

I’m tired of the false persuasion for a quick buck, and I believe in transparency. I want my branding and marketing to reflect these.