Suzanne Rey Edwards | Rey Edwards Inc. / My True North

I pledge to be transparent in all my marketing and outreach to potential clients and students who engage in my online courses.

Toxic marketing on Linkedin with the promise of earning 7 figures a month from self-promoters and so-called influencers must stop.

Here are some of the specifics of my pledge:

I pledge not to use misleading pricing, such as $499, and instead use round numbers ($500)

I pledge to be upfront and honest about my availability and not create ‘false scarcity to increase sales

I pledge to not make false claims or promises I cannot keep in my outreach. I will be honest and transparent about the benefits you can expect from working with me

I pledge never to claim that I have the ‘magic system’ or only solution to your personal and professional success

Sylvia Tillmann | Tremendous TRE

I want my clients to really benefit from my teaching TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), so they know what is possible and what’s an unrealistic expectation.

Joanna Fortescue |

The ethical move is an instinctive and natural move for those driven to live and do business from the heart. It’s time to move away from the ‘service to self’ attitude that has driven this planet for hundreds of years. Change is here 💜

Becks Neale | Inkshed Ltd

I’m taking the pledge because I believe the purchasing decision should be one that feels supportive, exciting and empowering.

This approach and feeling is also integral to the experience of the brand adventure itself. Creating an authentic brand for purpose-led founders. One that’s fully aligned with their values and vision to enrich the wellbeing of people and our planet in their unique way. Making the world a better place brand by brand.

Lynne Bardell | Flourish Garden Designs

As I plan my new business (first one, still in prep stage!) I am investing as much time in ensuring that the processes I use are as ethical and sustainable as possible, such as ensuring transparency, supporting DEI and not using unethical marketing techniques such as charm pricing. This is the perfect time for me to uphold my own values and ethics, while supporting others to do the same.

Lars Verhoef |

We have exhausted our planet while destroying people’s perception of life. Technology has to be used for the greater good, not to maximize profit over quality of life for all beings. I am taking this pledge to be part of the ignition of a new world that we could be proud of bequeathing to the next generations.

We have to start cooperating instead of focusing on competition. Competition is good, but collaborating with competition might drive innovation while walking down an unknown path. We are in this together.

Alanah Light | Light social

I am making the ethical move because I’m tired of seeing small businesses being taken advantage of