Mercedes Gale | 4YaParty Weddings & Events

I am making a pledge to continue to sell ethically to reassure my clients that we will always be transparent and clear in the way we market and sell our business services.

Kate Beddow | Kate Beddow

I am making the pledge because I am tired of manipulative sales techniques and fake claims from companies. I believe in honesty and great customer service.

Catherine Ekkelboom-White | Wild Connections Photography

My clients deserve to work with the person who is best suited to help them achieve their goals. If that’s not me, I’ll be 100% honest, and refer them to someone who is a better match. I believe in working locally, and supporting other local businesses too.

Alison Rakotonirina | Life Work Purpose

I first came across you a few years ago when I was getting lots of advice on pricing a coaching program. Including the “early bird” and discounts with funny numbers. It didn’t set right to manipulate the people I am trying to support.

Heather Grant | Written By Heather

I am making the ethical moves pledge to hold myself accountable as a transparent, considerate, and conscious business owner and consumer.

Leonie Keiper | fernfokus

Authenticity, transparency and honesty are necessary values for a world as we imagine it. We are convinced that marketing will be a part of this. But marketing also works with ethical values. Unethical practices, which are unfortunately still too often celebrated in the industry, should be a thing of the past. Ethical marketing should not be an option but a necessary requirement.

Priscilia Guillot | Priscilia Guillot

I’m making the ethical move because I want to help businesses (mine included) grow and earn money in a respectful, non-deceptive way.

Hari Baumbach | Essencify Design

I am making a pledge to ethical marketing because I want to help to move to a more transparent, responsible, and honest way of doing marketing. There are far too many coercive and manipulative approaches out there that mislead or take advantage of consumers. By committing to ethical marketing, I will ensure that my marketing activities are honest, authentic, and respectful of consumers. I will strive for transparency in my marketing practices and will always strive to help my clients do the same.

Zoe Burnett | Vanilla Chic LTD

We’re committed to communicating openly, honestly and transparently with our customers, we believe this is integral to building customer trust, loyalty and our brand. We want every customer to be confident about what they’re getting when they shop with us.

Debbie Macintosh | Quest Financial Coaching, LLC

I am making the pledge because I want to sell to people the way I would want to be sold to – ethically, honestly, and with the singular goal of helping them, whether that means working with me or not.