Pacha Hornaday | Balanced Brands

I believe in authenticity and this is one way of being authentic in my business. Manipulation is a form of disrespect. Most problems start with disrespect. I want to be respected, and I respect the choices of others. I believe in relationships over profits.

Sammy Phillips | Kohlab Creative Design Studio

I am formally declaring my ethical move because I truly value honesty, transparency and trust and communicate with my clients and my connections in a way that upholds those values. I do not believe in manipulative marketing or mass consumerism. Instead, I believe in ethical, empathetic, honest marketing and conscious living.

Caroline Gardner | Studio Gardner Limited

As a conscious studio we are making the pledge to always treat our clients with fairness and kindness. We will always market in an ethical way that empowers the buyer to make informed choices that are best for them by communicating openly, honestly, and transparently about our Services. We always consider a client in a holistic way with the singular goal of helping them. We respect our clients as the individuals they are and treat them the way we would want to be treated.

Kim Tercero | Tercero Solutions

Making the Ethical Move pledge, Tercero Solutions solidifies its dedication to rematriating the economy, prioritizing clients through transparent and accountable practices, fostering social impact, and committing to an ever-evolving journey of ethical business practices.

Rei Liddle | Pequena

I am making the ethical move because sustainability is one of my core values and I want to make sure that as I launch and grow my business, I am always put integrity and honest at the forefront.

Carolyn Managh | Eco Shepherd

We can no longer reconcile the faceless inhumanity and profit-only based procurement decisions of big business and want to be part of the movement that reframes economic value around the triple bottom line.

Karen Wells | Indigo Nine Website Design

I pledge honesty and transparency within my web design business – with clear pricing, communication, and policies that respect client data. I want to create excellent digital experiences that feel good for both my clients and their customers. I am committed to making a positive impact and setting the highest standard of ethics within the web industry.

Adrian Otto | WPG Property Management

We value integrity and only market what we will deliver, no more, no less! It’s time to remove the false promises from property management—that’s why we pledge to be transparent and open.

Sarah Mellen | The Jack & The Ace, LLC

I’ve worked as a packaging designer on CPG and brand building for 20 years. About 10 years ago I went into Duane Reade after working on a Colgate project and just stared in awe at the hundreds of Colgate products already in existence wondering, what am I doing?! All I do is help people create more waste. I made a pivot and started researching and utilizing more sustainable materials and looking for clients that aligned with my values. As my career evolves this has become more and more of my focus.