Megan Foldenauer | Ypsilanti Art Supply & Atelier, Inc.

I’ve always said that the job I would never want was that of a marketer. Finding the weaknesses of people and exploiting them has never sat right with me. The people element of being in indie retail is part of why I’m doing what I’m doing… organic discoveries that lead to sales are fine… but I won’t let any third party “assist” me in my business venture.

Staci Hauschild

I am making an ethical move because my entire business mission is to smash the patriarchy through operations, and signing this pledge helps me align myself with business owners who have similar values.

Bev Feldman | Your Personal Tech Fairy

I want to market my business and help others to market theirs in a way that treats our audience like people & sees value in everyone in our audience (regardless of whether or not they ever buy from or hire us).

Clare Carney | Twigs Magazine

We are making the ethical move because we want to offer an alternative to the way that magazines are manufactured, marketed and sold. Currently they are based on fuelling consumerism; encouraging the need and want of new things, they provide cheap, plastic, one time use toys and they are aimed at quick turnover and mass profit. They also only cater for neurotypical readers.

This is a big problem and it is aimed at our younger generations!

Alex Mullings | Alex Mullings Coaching Ltd.

I am making the ethical move pledge because I believe in responsible business. I strongly dis-like being manipulated and coerced by unethical marketing. I want to be part of the solution rather than the problem by empowering consumers of my product to make an informed choice, without pressure, based on clear and honest information.

Tamika Vonshá Brinson | Just Right Movement

I am taking the ethical marketing pledge because I care about people. I don’t care to be another salesman in the world of consumerism. I want to fulfill my purpose here on the planet to give of my authentic self if and only if my offering makes sense for the person I am working with. I want to see people grow. I want to add value to the lives that I encounter continuously. I want to share the fruits of my creative works so that others may be edified in the areas they need in order to thrive and reach their potential. I want them to feel seen, heard, and have their needs met. It is not about a sale. It’s about fulfilling a need and providing practical solutions to conflicts.

Jade Poole | Digital J

I think there needs to be more accountability for the way businesses manipulate others and trick people into making decisions. I think unethical marketing creates an unpleasant experience online, and I want to do more to combat this.

Sarah Lynas | Sarah Lynas Coaching

I’m making the ethical move to be a breath of fresh air in a world of cringe-worthy tactics AND to inspire others to join us.

I’m championing doing things differently and doing things right. I want my people to come with me because it’s right for them, not because it’s right for me.

And I give full permission to anyone to call me out if I’m marketing unethically in any way, at any time.

Paula Shepherd | Paula Shepherd Consulting LLC

People deserve to make decisions in their best interest without all of the psychological manipulation. It’s also important for us to recognize and celebrate sovereignty.