Shannon Clarke | Shannon Clarke Coaching

I am making the ethical move because my business stands for nurturing people’s souls and that includes honouring them and their needs in the entire process (including sales).

Vicky Newham | Venture Tax

I totally believe in integrity, my business is in an industry full off mis-selling and I am passionate about not being like that

Rachel Barkataki | Xylem Copywriting

As a copywriter, I must own the responsibility of marketing ethically, making sure that my clients’ clients are just as happy as my client.

Emily Ann Peterson | Peterson Resilience Consulting

I am making the ethical move for my clients, specifically those that are *religious trauma* survivors. They deserve my public commitment to ethical models of marketing and regenerative commerce. They deserve to 1) not get retraumatized and 2) see more examples of businesses *not* using evangelism, cult tactics, or missionary marketing.

Jennifer Rutherford | Ethical Housing Technologies

I am adding your badge to my pages because we are standing up for the buyer in the social and affordable housing sector in Australia which is the Community Housing Provider.

I have been supporting the sector with helpful software and advice for 10+ years and what I have heard from providers who have put their trust and buckets of money into unethical businesses would make you cry.

The word one manager I was speaking to was ‘traumatised’.

Thank you for this initiative.


Conny Graf | From Chaos to Peace Consulting Inc

I am making the ethical move because I am tired of being sold to in a manipulative way and as a finance and decluttering coach I never ever want myself to sell in a manipulative way. I don’t want to be part of the problem and I want to learn more how to do it better, help and be part of a better way.

Claire Cheyne | Wildflowers & Pixels

I believe that being successful in business doesn’t mean you need to use unethical or hard sales tactics. I want to provide a service to my clients without making them feel ripped off or unsatisfied.

Bonnie Wix | Bonnie Wix

I am a course creator and marketer, in my industry charm pricing is the norm. Everything is $27, $97, $297, $997, $1997.

When I first came across the notion that charm pricing is unethical I was shocked. BUT it is how everything is priced. Then I thought about it and now completely agree.

Any tactic that is used to manipulate and deceive your customer/client is immoral and unethical. How can you respect your audience if you also use manipulative tactics? You can’t.

So I am making a pledge to truly respect my clients and be transparent on pricing and not use manipulative tactics for sales generation.

Kate Holly | Kate Holly Coaching

Part of why I became a coach is to help people think more critically and increase choice, not to persuade them to follow my agenda. I want to support a marketing culture where people are treated with respect, where they have an option to consent, where they are trusted to make the best choice for themselves without a sales person “handling their objections”, and where sustainable and thoughtful purchasing decisions are celebrated.