Narn | TweetingByHand

I’m fed up of having to 2nd and 3rd guess what is right and what is true – marketing, sales and social media (including politics) should be honest and responsible. Stop selling an ideal and be authentic and helpful.

Jane Suter | Red Tiger Consultancy Ltd

Red Tiger Consultancy delivers workplace coach training.

I am taking this pledge because I am fed up with the tactics used by organisations to sell their product such as charm pricing, price priming, emotional manipulation etc.

It is important to Red Tiger to be truthful, inclusive and respectful to our potential clients. Importantly we will only sell a person a course if it meets their needs.

Courtney Hager | Courtney June Design

I’m making the pledge to shift my marketing ethically because we all deserve transparency. Relationships grow stronger and deeper with honesty. And the connection between two forthright people is beautiful and inspiring.

Kira Shaw | Kira Social

In my experience as a marketer, I am frustrated by traditional, manipulative marketing tactics. I want to do better for people and the planet through my skills and work in social media marketing.

Wendy Evans | Wendy’s Embroidery Box

I am making the pledge because I don’t believe in unethical sales practices, I make personalised products for people (often people with children or babies) and I want everyone to feel empowered to purchase ethically and for me to always use ethical marketing.

Catherine Brown | Skilful Conversation Limited

As a small business owner, I really dislike having to compete with (or resist) pushy and unethical marketing. Especially in my field (coaching) when all sorts of promises are made.

By making the pledge I am hoping that more ethical marketing will become the norm.

David Salmon | David Salmon Consulting

I am making the ethical move because I want to support purpose-led organisations. So I need to apply that to my own business. And as a marketing professional for 10+ years, I am tired of the constant noise and chasing for growth – it’s damaged my mental health, my wellbeing and wider society, even in the not-for-profit space.

Lisa Martin | The Thrift Folk

I have felt this way for a long time, and have always been about people and planet. I like to try and help solve problems in a way that feels right to me. It was have my previous business came to be to. I am so over society feeding us how one’s life should look, rather than how it feels. This seasons must haves, I want to help spread the message that you don’t have to compromise on quality and style when buying second hand pieces. In fact you will have a more meaningful home and wardrobe, instead of having what trendy or the same aesthetic you see in every other home.