Magan Ward

I am making the ethical move because I want to be a part of the change our industry needs to remove false scarcity and remove promotion of near-impossible results.

Glyn Harrison

I am taking the pledge because I want marketing to be as clean as the businesses doing their best to keep our planet alive

Amelie Gualandris

I am taking the pledge because I am a freelancer who strongly believes in ethical marketing. Selling services, buying services from other freelancers, all in a respectful, ethical way. I see it as a way to build financial freedom aside from capitalism and old, pushy ways of selling things.

Lisa Lofquist

I am making the ethical move because I do not want to align myself with the “bro-marketing,” shove my stuff down your throat folks.
I want to feel strongly that I am a conscious business builder.
I don’t see any value in “trickery tactics.”
It’s also incredibly important to me, as my kids get older, that I’m setting a good and honest example for them.
And beyond that, as a mother to biracial children, one of whom is medically complicated, I feel a duty to help create an inclusive world for the next generation to grow up in.

Jacqueline O’Donnell

I’ve been preaching about ethical marketing for 25 years… and practising what I preach. I believe we not only need to look at removing or minimising the negatives (aggressive, noisy, sleazy, fear-driven messaging) but also to look for ways that marketing can proactively promote positive change. I believe in the positive persuaders (inclusion, commitment and consistency, belonging and uplifting) not the negative ones (such as scarcity, FOMO, and “not enoughness”). I believe marketing can lead change (eg representation of diversity, breaking stereotypes, etc)

Most of all, I believe that while fear and diminishment of self-esteen may sell large quantities, quickly, it is more difficult to sell to happy people BUT happy people with good self-esteem buy better quality and waste less. They’re solving actual problems in their life not just filling an empty void – so positive marketing that boosts happiness and self-esteem will create a ripple effect that reduces materialism, returns business to the role of solution providers… and basically redesigns our entire economy….

Annie Frisbie

I support dignity and autonomy and am opposed to coercive marketing tactics. I don’t want anyone to buy anything from me they don’t need.

Mary Houston

I am making the pledge because truth and transparency are important to me and in my business, and I want to be part of a movement of truth and agency

Jon Gibbins

We’re making the ethical move because being open is one of our core values, so we believe in being authentic in our marketing and transparent about what we do and how we work. We build relationships with customers based on trust, so we believe in honest marketing.

Janice Chaka

There is not one size fits all marketing but there is marketing that treats customers as humans and doesn’t exploit their weekeness

Larissa Dulat

From the very beginning even before I knew of the ethical move existence I knew I will commit to ethical marketing practices. It makes me angry how marketers manipulate vulnerable consumers into buying products or services they do not need.