Larissa Dulat

I am making the move because I believe customers deserve the truth about a product or service, so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy. I don’t support psychological manipulations and false advertisements.

Rachael Bews

We are taking the ethical pledge because our marketing consultancy operates with the values of being ethical, organic and transparent. We want to support and learn from other organisations fighting against the manipulation and dirty tactics from our industry.

Susan Tutt

I am joining the ethical move because I don’t want “ethical marketer” or “minimalist marketer” to sound like oxymorons. We can do better and now is the time to do so!

Gillian Hill

I take the pledge because I believe that what I offer has value for the right people without having to manipulate someone into buying it. I want what I offer and why I offer it (and the value for the right people) to be clear, and I want it to be equally clear if it is not the right thing for someone, so they can spend their time and mental effort finding what is right for them.

Alex Karjalainen

I’m making the ethical move because I’m sick of all the sleazy, manipulative marketing tactics where the only aim is to make the sale. I care about my people, I want them to know what they’re signing up for and I want it to be their decision. I want our relationship to be built on trust.

Tammy Martin

I make the ethical move every single day in my digital marketing agency because it is a win-win for my clients and their prospects. We believe that using ethical marketing practices enables our clients to create sustainable businesses that focus on the lifetime of the relationship with their prospects. Not short term revenue objectives that take advantage of people using unethical marketing practices that aren’t in their best interests. By treating prospects with loving respect, everyone wins.

Caroline Betz

I’m making the ethical move because manipulating and preying on people’s fears to get the sale is something I refuse to be a part of. Also: karma.

Lucy Brandram

I’m taking the ethical move pledge because I’m tired of being constantly missold to, using tactics designed to make me feel like I’m missing out rather than because it’s a product or service I actually need. I don’t want to sell my services like that and I want to encourage my clients to sell their services & products in an ethical way.

Charlotte Peck

I am making the pledge because I work with parents and caregivers of young children, people who are already so targeted with harmful messaging and I don’t want to contribute to any shame, fear, or worry.

Michelle Miller

I am making this pledge to share my knowledge with my community without using tactics that would create a false sense of urgency or need from those who are not genuinely interested in learning from me