Elise Aabakken | Elise Aabakken Studios

I know the feeling of insignificance (and feeling stupid) for falling for manipulation tactics and it can really taint my experience of a purchase, even when the product is what I want! So aiming to be a counterweight to that, keeping the communication open, clear and honest, selling with the same values I live by.

Christiana Findley | Christiana Findley Coaching

I am making the ethical move because I want to respect the consumer and promote everyone to use discernment to make decisions rather than scare them into an energy (money) exchange.

Steve Haworth | Altered State

I’m making the ethical move after having been manipulated into parting with far too much, for far too long. I believe that online marketing practice must become truly professional, ethical and transparent, to allow individuals to make informed choices they’re comfortable with and for all businesses to be socially responsible.

Giada Nizzoli | Crafty Copy

Just think: “would I want my mum or granny to be tricked into buying something they don’t actually need/want or can’t really afford?” If the answer is no, then why would you want to do it to anyone else?

Rachel Butt | wondrousound

I am making the pledge because it is aligned with the intention of my work – to awaken harmony in ourselves and the world through the yoga of sound. It is the process that matters over the outcome, offering services that benefit myself, my clients and the earth. I have worked a lot in the gift economy model developed during years of living in a mindfulness practice centre where my basic needs were met and overheads were low. As my financial needs for food, housing and health increase in a new project in the world I feel the moment has come to put a price on my services in alignment with my time, energy and needs, alongside generosity based workshops where my methods can remain accessible to all. I want to be transparent about this and model a way to sustain compassionate action in the world through clear intentions, honest communication, impactful offerings through micro enterprise that empower others to do the same.

Larissa Uredi | No-Where Consultants

We are a B-Corp and are out to change the way marketing is sold and oversold. We have been victims of the “over promise under deliver” hype and it stops with us.

Becca Rich | The Holistic Time Coach

I am signing the pledge because real transformation comes from building trust within my clients and ethical marketing is the only way to build that kind of trust.

Libby Bussinah | Libby- Art Studios

Having been taken advantage of myself in the past, I don’t want anyone else to ever feel that powerless and humiliated. I want to be counted among those who want to make a change.