Linda Sammonds | Sammonds Marketing

I am making the ethical move because I want to be part of the solution, not the problem in modern marketing. I want customers to feel listened to, not manipulated, customers are humans that we can help and I want to be one of those helpers.

Sarah Van Hoy | Deep Medicine, LLC

I am making this pledge because it feels awful to be out of integrity in my marketing and I think it is important that there be a movement to deconstruct “toxic persuasion” … I am making this pledge because I believe we can all do better.

Shannon Bean Scalise | Book See Financial Group, PBC, LLC

I am taking the Ethical Move pledge because I believe that business owners and businesses seeking to drive positive change have tremendous influence on our planet’s and country’s futures together. Businesses support and shape local communities; communities together drive real and lasting change. I want my firm to be a part of and support aligned businesses and teams who “get” the profound importance of ethical, kind, honest, and values-forward business handling.

Akua Wood | Sheabutter Cottage LTD.

The use of products which have had no child labour in any part of the supply chain.

Truth in labelling.

A fair price paid for all ingredients and reflected in a reasonable scale price for our customers.
Financial support to farmers’ co-operatives supplying the bulk of our raw materials
We believe in empowering men & women
We believe in ethical trading & supporting communities
We believe in philanthropy before profit
We believe in helping to make poverty history!

Heather Powers | Creatively Organized Spaces (DBA)

This is truly the only way I’ve ever done business and I don’t believe in sneaky marketing tactics. I do not pretend to be someone other than who I am, in business, in the community, or in life!

Camila Perez | Cami Pérez Mindful Branding

Because I believe that we have the responsibility to be ethical on what we market. What we do has a huge impact on how people can behave and think, and since we now live in an area where everything is more exposed, it’s even more important to be honest on how we act towards others (including animals) and the earth.

Dawn Beeslaar | Nutrichologist

The sales world can sometimes feel like quicksand the way you get sucked in. Not only am I tired of being in that quagmire of ruthless sales techniques, I also want to be sure that I don’t become part of it. The Ethical Move is like a guiding star.

Kritika Rao | Studio Kri8

I am making an ethical move because I want to be a part of the solution, not create more problems.