Denny Wong

Online marketing is often driven by privacy-intrusive data collection. We enable companies to change through a first-of-its-kind mobile marketplace that gives users personalised offers and complete control of their privacy.

Frances Khalastchi + Simon Batchelar

I’ve proudly sported the Ethical Move badge on my previous website, and now am building a marketing support community for coaches, which teaches what we call, ’empathy-led’, ‘human-centred’ marketing. I would love to wear TEM’s badge on that one too, and to teach our customers – coaches – also to buy into the ethos.

Amélie Gualandris

I am making the ethical move because I think community should win over competition. Obviously, if you start a business, you want to succeed. I do want to sell my services. But I want to sell them ethically, to humans who will truly benefit for them, not just help me pay my bills. Selling ethically is another step towards creating a market where humans help each other up. We are all different, with different talents. There is space for everyone. Honesty and empathy should always prevail.

Fanny Marcoux

I see marketing as a well-sharpened knife. One can use it to cook delicious meals, or to kill someone. What is it that we want to achieve and how? That is how I start any campaign.

Sarah Watkins

I believe in honesty and providing value to my clients and customers. I want to build an aligned practice and surround myself with people who truly need and want to work with me or purchase my products. I don’t believe in using coercion or manipulation. I want to create good vibes and high energy field around myself and my people. : )

Ali and Gressa Prentice/Cedergren

For too long the marketing world has been run on manipulation and dishonesty. Since starting our company, we have seen that marketing is just a tool, and as such has the potential to create positive change in the world.

Allison Smith

I am making this conscious decision to be a part of an ethical solution, and not part of the problem.

Leonore Lord-Patterson

I am making the pledge as I am a transparent and ethical entrepreneur.

Steph Sanderson

I am making the ethical move because I’m sick of seeing ‘business coaches’, with little to no experience, using shady tactics to sell overpriced services and programmes to unsuspecting and vulnerable business owners.

Joanna Chapman

I am making the ethical pledge as I believe every buyer should be respected enough as human beings to make clear and trusted judgements on whether they wish to purchase, without feeling stress or anxious.